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   Chapter 2455 The Destroying Light

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Solomon led all the other disciples out to fight against the Death Bringers.

But the group of top-rank True Gods was by no means on the same level as these horrifying opponents.

Under the snake sea's impact by the Death Bringers, the enchanted barriers and the magic arrays arranged by all sorts of magic weapons were as fragile as eggs,. Not even the True Gods could resist in such a situation.

Everyone continued shrinking back and drawing together, ready to retreat.

Under such a defeat, the True Gods were dispersed by the Death Bringers and were most likely to die very soon.

"Just die here?"

"I can't accept that!"

"There are hundreds of thousands of fourth-grade beasts. You're not even qualified to fight with your full strength..."

"Move back! Move back! Ah..."

All the True Gods seemed full of despair—more and more of them were swept away by the Death Bringers, disappearing in the vast sea of snakes. There was no doubt that they would perish in the end.

Many of the True Gods merely gave up resisting and remained still as they waited for death.

But amidst the chaos, the Death Bringers suddenly disappeared in an instant.

At that moment, the place quieted down. Only some True Gods failed to recover from the shock. Somewhat blurry roars resounded and they quickly realized what had happened.

"Unbelievable! They disappeared!"

"All of them are gone!"

"Oh my God!"

"They made it!"

"The Snake Spirit has been killed."

In their excitement, the survivors began cheering.

If the Snake Spirit hadn't been killed, probably everyone would've died within half a minute.

But in the middle of the cheer, the ground began to shake.

Zen rushed ahead and killed the small jasper snake in a series of swift movements.

Even the avatar under his control failed to make a move, having arrived a moment too late.

And after killing the snake, Zen did not linger.

He returned promptly with his avatar.

Meanwhile, Yan and the guy with soybean-like eyes were busy rescuing Reinhard.

Yan's strength had already far exceeded Zen's imaginatio

ated on finding a way to escape the damned place. And as for the True Gods, they figured they could let other fear incarnations deal with them.

When some of the fear incarnations were stabbed by the light, their flesh and bodies disappeared until they were nothing but a pile of bones, falling to the ground.


A ray of red light shot towards the fiend called Edmond.

It then happened to hit Edmond's body.

Though Edmond's figure was enormous, the flesh on his body was turned to nothing by the light.

"The destroying light?" In spite of the situation, Edmond's expression didn't seem to change too much. 'Even the Multiple Antennae Snake exists here. This place seems so interesting... I'm quite curious now.'

A white shadow emerged from the surface of Edmond's huge body as it shook. After the shadow covered the body, the red light couldn't penetrate it in the slightest.

Instead, the lights continued to wander around until one of them went directly into the depths of the debate venue.

The woman with long hair had made it to a huge iron bridge. She seemed to have figured she was going to get hit by one of the lights one way or another, so she turned around and rotated her finger a few times in the air before stepping onto the iron bridge, as calm as a rock.

When the red light shot towards her, it strangely changed direction, reflecting at another angle.

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