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   Chapter 2454 Killing The Snake Spirit

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It was known that a Multiple Antennae Snake was much stronger than a Snake Spirit.

Yet no matter how powerful a Multiple Antennae Snake was, it was still alone. It couldn't possibly kill everyone in front of it.

On the other hand, the Snake Spirit was on a whole different level—it could summon almost everything related to snakes in the divine land.

If it was still alive, it could even summon a large number of Multiple Antennae Snakes.

Perhaps, the reason the Multiple Antennae Snake was there was to protect the Snake Spirit.

"I'll go kill that Snake Spirit, and you go save Reinhard," Zen said.

There was no time to hesitate in such a crucial moment. They based most of their decisions on instinct as even one second of hesitation could land them in a desperate situation.


A gust of wind blew as Zen flew towards the little snake on his flying sword.

In turn, the snake's antennae flailed wildly when it saw Zen, then prepared to pounce and bind him.

Just a few moments ago, the antennae had caught Reinhard off-guard. There was no way Zen would make the same mistake.

He was still rushing forward on his flying sword and did not intend to make any move, when a red figure suddenly jumped up behind him.

Meanwhile, the long spear circled around Lavender's waist like mad, so that it almost looked like it was a dancing wheel.

Zen did not evaluate the avatar's strength.

After all, he didn't have enough spare time to test it in the debate venue. Besides, Lavender's attack was extremely powerful that even he himself could not resist. She was undoubtedly his greatest ally in the debate venue.

The red spear turned in a few moments, and then all the tentacles were ground into shreds of flesh.

The ground shook as Zen immediately ran over to it without hesitation!

The small jasper snake continued to drill a hole into the ground as it simultaneously summoned numerous Three-Element Snakes, which surrounded him.

In response, he ran straight towards them without second thoughts.

All the Three-Element Snakes that collided with him were smashed into smithereens.

If a Three-Element Snake exploded, it released three kinds of deadly venom at the same time. Other True Gods normally avoided touching the venom at all costs, but Zen did not care.

In just the blink of an eye, he had

in a span of three seconds. He was already invisible under the pile of thick snakes, but more Death Bringers tangled around him and formed a python tower.

If one python was already horrifying to even see, how much more dozens of them?

Not too far away was the small jasper snake, who watched the whole scene with its malicious, beady eyes that seemed to smile. The vicious creature was clearly a clever and wise being.

Yet, it didn't feel complacent for too long.

Blood suddenly spurted out from the middle of the python tower, followed by a massive force that exploded and flew straight towards the small jasper snake!

"Die!" shouted a faint voice from the python tower.

After Reinhard found the Snake Spirit, Zen quickly fixed his spiritual sense on it.

Although he was trapped in the heap of Death Bringers, the distance was short enough for him to use the Four Swords Change of Gods Killing Sword Array.

He then summoned the Buddha Emperor Sword.

Finally, it was shot directly at the small jasper snake.

The moment he finished speaking, the Buddha Emperor Sword had already cut it in half!

The Snake Spirit wasn't that strong, but its upper half still tried to drill into the ground with a tenacious momentum despite being cut in half.

"You want to escape? You're dreaming," Zen sneered.

The Buddha Emperor Sword circled around the Snake Spirit, before it cut its body into thin pieces.

When it finally died, the Death Bringers that surrounded Zen and the other millions of Death Bringers in the mist disappeared as well.

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