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   Chapter 2453 Antennae

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If the group of True Gods were to fight together, they could definitely resist the troublesome snakes that surrounded them.

As they advanced while fighting, their speed was slow.

"What should we do?" The whole debate venue was swarming with enemies.

Zen's eyebrows were scrunched together. The situation was getting ugly really fast. Each one of their fears had a physical manifestation, and the Snake Spirit and other powerful existences they met around the debate venue were just a few of them.

Meanwhile, the Multiple Antennae Snake that attacked them before was nowhere to be seen now.

None of them knew where it was hiding but all of them were on guard for a surprise attack.

"Zen, Yan, let's rush out and kill the Snake Spirit," said Reinhard, stepping up to the occasion.

"The others, hold your ground."

Zen let out an affirmative grunt. Now was not the time to hesitate.

Just then a soft squeaky voice spoke from Zen's left, halting his steps. "Can you bring me with you?"

It was the short True God whose eyes were like two soybeans.

While the other True Gods didn't pay this person much attention, Zen had quietly watched him along the way.

The soybean-eyed guy was not from a Floating Island and he kept a low profile but he had a deep understanding of the Truth of Godly Way. Plus, his avatar was much stronger than those of other disciples from the Floating Islands.

Reinhard hesitated but Zen nodded his head. "Alright."

Since Zen had agreed, Reinhard didn't say anything else. He looked back to the others. "Disciples of the Sword Clan, set the Soaring Sky Sword Array!"

"Yes, sir!"


After a chorus of affirmative noises, Solomon and the other disciples began to arrange the array.

It wasn't the most critical moment yet. The disciples of the Sword Clan still had a trump card, namely the Calamity Swords given by Marsh. They'd wait for the moment they stared death in the face before they used the Calamity Swords.

"Let's go!"

And without delay, Reinhard, Zen, Yan, and the soybean-eyed guy sprinted ahead.

Among the four of them, Yan, Rein

snakes gushed out from beside the little Snake Spirit.

Now another five minutes had passed, and just as they had guessed, the level three fierce beasts, Three-Element Snakes were surging out. Their front ends were red, the middle parts were black, and the tails were purple. They had three deadly poisons in their bodies, making them several times stronger than the Red Phosphorus Snakes.

"Another five minutes has passed. I wonder if they can block these Three-Element Snakes. Let's kill the Snake Spirit first!"

Reinhard then charged at the Snake Spirit.

However, the Snake Spirit, sensing danger, darted and went underground.

"You can't escape!"

Reinhard brandished his sword.


At once, the soft ground cracked open, revealing the Snake Spirit.

"Go to hell!"

Reinhard didn't hesitate or show mercy. He had to kill the Snake Spirit as soon as possible, or all of them would die.

But just as Reinhard was about to make the final blow, a huge antenna filled with fist-sized suckers suddenly erupted from the ground, held on to his ankle, and dragged him below.

"Holy crap!"

"Damn it!"

Yan, Zen, and the soybean-eyed guy looked on with gaping mouths and pale faces.

Then more than ten huge antennae suddenly extended from the ground and surrounded them.

They didn't expect that at this critical moment, the long lost Multiple Antennae Snake would reappear!

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