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   Chapter 2452 Dangerous

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If it was a group of ordinary snakes, no matter how many they were, they wouldn't pose much of a threat to these True Gods.

Even if they somehow got stuck in a sea of those snakes, it wouldn't be much of a threat.

These True Gods were so skilled that any number of snakes would be crushed to smithereens before they could even move an inch in their direction.

"So what? They are just snakes. Burn them to death!"

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

One of the disciples of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands took out a black fire dragon.

The fire dragon charged into the sea of snakes, and then proceeded to fall and roll. The tens of thousands of writhing snakes were immediately burned to ashes.

"Wind Demon, fulfill my command!"

A light green shadow was formed in the hands of another top-rank True God. It was the Wind Demon. Once the shadow had condensed itself, it immediately turned into a strong wind and tunneled into the sea of snakes, cutting them to pieces.

Under attacks from all sides, the snakes were unable to rise from the sea. The threat had been constrained.

Even the flying snakes from the sky were instantly killed.

"Haha! These snakes are not that dangerous. Even in large numbers, they are easily restrained. Why should we be afraid of them?"

"Hey, Burke, why are you scared of these snakes?"

"These snakes are easily killed."

Many of the True Gods really didn't give the snakes much thought.

"It's not what you think," said Burke quietly. "They might not be much of a threat now, but they will grow stronger and stronger with time!"

"And how strong can they get, exactly?" someone scoffed disdainfully.

There was, indeed, a small number of Snake Spirits remaining in the divine land. The vast majority of the True Gods had never seen or heard of them, so they didn't know how dangerous they were.

"They are unimaginably strong. If we can't drive the Snake Spirit out, they will grow strong and large enough to swallow even the consummate True Gods whole!" said Reinhard, his voice somber. With a wave of his hand, dazzling sword lights spread in all directions. The flying snakes in the sky were then immediately cut into smithereens, and the fragments were scattered in the wind.

As soon as he had finished, someone spoke, "The situation is indeed different. These snakes have grown stronger! Look there, those are level-one ferocious beasts in Forbidden Land of Fallen Leaves."

There were many kinds of snakes in the divine land, and the difference in strength between them was considerable. Ordinary divine citizens could kill the weakest snakes, but some of the powerful snakes were recorded in ancient legends and could even fight against Holy Beings.

However, the most powerful snakes were reclusive beasts. They tended to lurk out of sight, and thus were rarely seen.

Reinhard had heard the legend of the

al with than the green snakes, especially as there were so many of them!

It was not until then that the True Gods realized that what Reinhard said was absolutely right. In order to survive, they had to find out the Snake Spirit and kill it as soon as they could!

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

The Red Phosphorus Snakes came in great numbers. They reared their horrifying heads, opened their mouths and spat out corrosive, toxic fires.

The toxic fire emitted by a single Red Phosphorus Snake was not threatening at all. It was, after all, quite small.

However, the amount of fire that this enormous number of Red Phosphorus Snakes could emit was dangerous, if not lethal.

"The Parting Water Enchanted Barrier!"

"The Enchanted Barrier of Five Elements!"

"Light of the Shield!"

The True Gods present each used their own means to block the poisonous fires.

Zen didn't seem afraid of these Red Phosphorus Snakes at all. He had rushed to the front, taking the lead.

He had no care for either poison or fire. It was no threat to him.

These Red Phosphorus Snakes were level two ferocious beasts. Zen had killed a huge number of them effortlessly, with an air of being completely at ease, as though he were chopping vegetables, not killing countless venomous creatures. However, the speed with which he was moving was too slow to be efficient.

"We can't go on like this!" Still maintaining control over the Tribulation Exterminating Sword, Reinhard yelled, "The Snake Spirit is fleeing. I'm afraid we can't catch up! We only have fifteen minutes."

The snakes would evolve every five minutes.

They didn't know what kind of snake would come next, but they were sure that it would be a level three beast. And after another five minutes, level four beasts would come.

If the Snake Spirit managed to fill this vast land with level five beasts, even the consummate True Gods would face certain death.

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