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   Chapter 2451 Snake Spirit

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As a fiend that had been living in the abyss ever since his earliest memory, Edmond was not one to let anyone dismiss his capabilities.

His instincts told him that this woman wasn't someone to be trifled with, but he still raised his humongous fist and slammed it heavily in front of the woman.


The thunderous blow made a significant dent on the ground in front of the woman.

A current of strong wind was stirred up by the punch, and this wind blew the woman's long hair into the air, flying like thin ribbons that were a thousand feet long.

"Answer my question!" Edmond said coldly, still waiting for the woman's response.

A faint smile played on the woman's lips as she told him, "You don't even know what you are. I am under no obligation to answer you."

"What do you mean?" Edmond asked in a rumbling voice.

In the world of fiends, they understood almost everything that went on.

But he suddenly appeared in this world of mist for no apparent reason, and he was prevented from leaving by a powerful force that restricted his body.

As much as he wanted to leave this place, he realized that it was beyond his ability. He also felt an intensely murderous intent in his heart.

The murderous intent wasn't of his own will, but it kept persuading him to kill some creatures. He felt the will deep in his soul, and he couldn't do anything to resist it.

It made Edmond feel miserable.

"Get out of here," the woman told him coldly.

"Go to hell!"

Edmond raised his fist again and directly smashed it straight down on the woman.

The woman tilted her head upward slightly, as if to meet the fist that was slamming down on her.

A single strand of her hair fluttered in the wind gently.

Her hair was as soft as a swan's feather, but as the strand of hair floated upward, it was fortified with great strength and force as it was pulled tight.


In a flash, the hair strand lightly grazed Edmond's gigantic arm.


Edmond's arm was cut in half. It fell from the sky and crashed on the ground, creating a huge crater.

Blood spurted from his arm where it was detached, spraying everywhere like a crimson shower.


The scarlet blood melted and corroded everything in a crazy manner.

Fiend's blood was highly corrosive to everything it came in contact with.

Blood spurted everywhere, falling in all directions around the woman. Miraculously, not a drop fell upon her. It was not clear whether it was a coincidence or she had a special ability that enabled her to avoid being splattered.

"You!" Edmond shouted, full of rage.

But the woman already left and walked into the mist without a backwards loo

idently written all over Burke's facial expression and body language.

In a blink of an eye, countless snakes simultaneously rushed out of the mist.

There were snakes of different types and sizes, ranging from palm-sized snakes to gigantic snakes, and even variously colored venomous snakes!

Some snakes were ones that were ordinarily found in the divine land, but there were also a number of snakes that came from the forbidden lands.

"Everyone, fly to the sky!" Reinhard ordered, "Make sure you find that Snake Spirit. Otherwise, we'll all be drowned in an endless sea of snakes."

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the same time as the True Gods launched themselves into the sky, long and thin shadows also shot upwards.

It seemed that there were also countless flying snakes congregating from all directions.

"Kill these snakes!"

"It's just some little snakes. What are you afraid of?"

"Right, we True Gods are not afraid of any poison."

The True Gods began their counterattack.

Zen suddenly came up with an idea, and Lavender immediately rushed towards the sea of snakes. As she slashed her long spear gently, a thin arc-shaped spear light spread outwards quickly. In a flash, more than a thousand of the snakes were cut in half.

'It's not that hard, ' Zen thought to himself.

The other True Gods had also found out that the snakes were significantly easy to kill. They didn't have a hard time eliminating them so they were off-guard.

They soon realized that it was all just an illusion.

Suddenly, a dark shadow estimated to be as high as thirty feet materialized from deep within the mist. As the shadow approached closer, they discovered that it was a great mass of wriggling, writhing snakes entangled altogether.

This was the real snake sea.

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