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   Chapter 2450 The Fearful Incarnations

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In the eerie depths of the mist, a black fog rose and swirled around slowly, containing endless resentment.

The resentment floated towards a huge black figure and merged with it as if controlled by an invisible force.

"You will die soon. The devils will arrive in the night. You will all be crushed, just like the insects you are. All of you have to obey me!"

These scary incarnations had a memory but no intellect.

Some lower level incarnations, such as the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros, were capable of remembering stuff, but they were stupid. Naturally, they attacked the True Gods recklessly.

However, there were some intelligent creatures too and they operated differently.

These powerful incarnations didn't know how they had come there, but there were some powerhouses in the forbidden area. So conflicts among them were inevitable.

The circling black figure was one such powerful ghost. He was the evil god of the Soul Wilderness!

"Ha-ha! Even an evil god can talk crazy. How will you withstand my lightning?"

"Sizz, sizz."

The person who spoke was covered in lightning and soft thunder echoed around him.

The man did not have a solid physical form. His body was made up entirely of lightning, and a thunder ball hovered over him.

If the True Gods saw this person, they would probably shriek out loud. Atlas, who had wreaked havoc in the divine land several divine eras ago, had revived.

Atlas had cultivated a special theurgy beyond the Thunderstorm Godly Way. He transformed himself into lighting. Although he had only reached the consummation of True God Realm in the form of thunder, he had the abilities of an immortal!

Taking advantage of this ability, Atlas committed many sins in the divine land. He harassed several powerful clans on the Floating Islands and several consummate True Gods chased him, but nobody could subdue him.

In his modified form, he was no longer a living being, but rather a force of nature with the intelligence of man.

As long as lightning existed, he would survive easily.

According to legend, a Holy Being finally took action against him and banished him into the chaos.

Atlas was unable to absorb the energy in the chaos, and h


"Ha-ha, you're right! You should surrender to me, explore the whole world, and report back to me!" said the fiend lightly.

The fiends in the abyss belonged to a very intelligent race.

Even though they were unable to leave the Abyss Demon Region, they were stronger than Holy Beings when it came to using and researching various energies.

Therefore, even the Holy Beings did not have the guts to go to the bottom of the Abyss Demon Region because these fiends would use powerful methods to bury them.

"I will surrender to you!"

Atlas didn't dare to resist. He thought that the fiend had the power to kill him. Such a mighty being had abilities which were far beyond what Atlas could imagine.

"Go forth and explore the mist. I want to know who brought me here. I, Edmond, won't listen to anyone!" the fiend murmured.


In a flash, Atlas turned into a streak of lightning and shot off in the distance.

Just as he left, a woman strolled out of the heavy mist.

The woman's hair, like gorgeous black satin, was thousands of feet long and trailed behind her on the ground, shining like black pearls.

Her gorgeous eyelids shone with a purple glow and underneath those gorgeous eyelids were a pair of coquettish red eyes.

A strange feeling overcame the fiend as he watched the woman sauntering towards him.

He looked down at her and asked, "Who are you?"

She glanced at him indifferently and walked past him slowly and gracefully.

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