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   Chapter 2449 The Sky And Thunder Breaking Necklace

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The presence of Harold guaranteed the safety of Yan, who had been receiving much training over the past few years.

Although this kind of training was nowhere near the battles of life and death, it was still necessary to train Yan and make her a formidable warrior.

Facing the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros, when most of the top-rank True Gods chose to run away, Yan was able to deal with it calmly because of her many years in training.

Zen stood behind his sister without ever moving.

Since Yan was so confident, he knew he had no power to stop her anyway.

But he always made sure to keep an eye on the situation. If he found anything wrong, he would save her without hesitation.

As the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros inched closer and closer, Yan and her avatar suddenly separated from each other, and they stood at either side, ready to fight.

Because of this, the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros began to charge toward Zen instead.

"Huh? Yan? What is going on?"

Looking at the angry Giant Thunder Rhinoceros, Zen was stunned to see it coming after him. He thought Yan was deliberately asking him to deal with it.


As Yan and her avatar moved to either side, her avatar suddenly waved its sword towards the giant horn of the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros.

"How dare her avatar attack the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros's horn!"

"What a fool! She's trying to die, right?"

"Well, I have never seen anyone attack the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros's horn."

The most solid part of the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros was its horn.

The thunder rings on the horn were powerful, and the horn itself was extremely strong. Actually, it was considered a top-grade material for weapon refining in the Everest Spirit Mountain.

However, no one ever wanted to harvest the horn because it drove the creature mad. No one wanted to deal with a mad Giant Thunder Rhinoceros.

So even the consummate True Gods would avoid the horn when they faced the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros. But for some reason, Yan had enough confidence and motivation to attack the horn deliberately.


After a ringing sound, the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros stopped in its tracks and its eyes flushed with redness. It roared and rushed towards Yan's avatar desperately.

The avatar of Yan was on the right, while Yan herself was on the left.

As the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros twisted its neck and dashed towards the avatar, Yan kicked the ground lightly and gently lifted off the ground, floating into the air.



arly an hour to kill it!"

Although many True Gods knew Yan to be an extraordinary girl, they felt that she had learned some special abilities and she wasn't strong without them.

Only now did they realize that this girl was not as simple as they imagined.

After a few moments, Yan floated gently and landed in front of Zen. There was purple lightning constantly flowing back and forth in the necklace around her neck, as if the lightning that erupted from the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros had been absorbed by the necklace around her.

"Yan, you are so powerful. You killed it so easily," Zen exclaimed. Now he was convinced by the strength of his sister.

"Actually, I didn't kill it," Yan said calmly. "I just pierced the thunder container in the middle of its neck, letting it kill itself by explosion. If Harold didn't give me the necklace, I probably wouldn't have been able to do that at all."

The lightning power of the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros was extremely powerful. If it burst out, people standing near it wouldn't have stood a chance.

However, that necklace was indeed a supreme treasure of belief from the Everest Spirit Mountain—the Sky and Thunder Breaking Necklace. Although it was only a first-grade treasure, it had very strong powers to absorb thunder. Apart from a few particular types of lightning in the divine land, all the other lightning could be all absorbed by it in an instant.

In addition to the necklace, Yan also knew well about the habits and weaknesses of the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros because of her previous training experience. All these things considered, that was why Yan made it seem so easy to kill the creature.

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