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   Chapter 2448 The Giant Thunder Rhinoceros

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No one knew what powerful incarnations of fears were waiting for them, apart from the Multiple Antennae Snake—Enoch's incarnation of fear.

Although each of the True Gods had used the Truth of Godly Way to create a powerful avatar, these avatars did little to give them a sense of security.

"Reinhard, I think we should just quit now, before it's too late,"

asked one of the disciples of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands. He was not the only one with that thought; many other True Gods had made up their mind to retreat.

It was not that these True Gods were cowards. In fact, their resolve had not waivered since the start.

After all, a True God who was qualified to participate in the debate would be of the top talents of the divine land. This sort of qualification wasn't easy to obtain, and was certainly not for the fearful or timid. No one was willing to give up so easily.

The one who succeeded in gaining true ownership of the inheritance of the skeleton would be bestowed with a great honor, for themselves and for their clan.

These True Gods were the hopes of their clans.

But now, their situation was desperate.

The Multiple Antennae Snake was a famous ferocious beast in the remote ages and was recorded in many ancient books.

But there was more. It seemed as though encountering the legendary beast was not the only fear in the hearts of the True Gods. And no one could guess what those fears were.

Usually, even the chance of winning was one in a million, these True Gods would take that chance and fight for the inheritance.

Now, however, it seemed that the odds were completely against them. It was as if they knew that defeat was inevitable and certain. That fighting was an exercise in futility.

Reinhard, however, looked disgusted. He took a long look at the True Gods who had just expressed their desire to quit, and laughed. "You can go back now."

"Really? Then what are we waiting for?"

"We'll retreat!"

"We can go back along the same route. Everybody, as long as we work together—"

"I haven't finished," said Reinhard. He did not shout, but his deep voice exuded a menacing authority that made everyone fall silent at once. "If you want to quit, you can go back by yourselves, and never show your faces among us again. None of our Sword Clan members will quit. Besides, the incarnations of fears have already been in the mist. I'm afraid you will die a much more miserable death on the way back. As for your choice, it's up to you." With these words, he raised his hand, still grasping the trembling Tribulation Exterminating Sword. It was constantly vibrating in all directions—east, west, south and north. This only meant one thing: the incarnations of fears had surrounded them completely.

Everyone was silent as they stared at the Tribula

and hot-headed. On one occasion, when a True God had provoked a Giant Thunder Rhinoceros, it had run through hundreds of mountains in the Everest Spirit Mountain to chase after that True God.

"Let's go. Don't fight the rhinoceros head on," Zen said.

Although Zen also wanted to test the power of his avatar, judging by the size and speed of the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros, he realized it was not the occasion to do so.

Yan, however, did not follow Zen. She simply smiled, standing still.

"What's wrong?" Zen asked curiously.

"Have you forgotten how long I have been in the Everest Spirit Mountain? A long time, I tell you. I know how to deal with it. I know the right way," Yan said calmly.

Although Yan rarely fought with the True Gods or got involved in life or death battles, she had been trained extensively in the Everest Spirit Mountain.

After Harold had taken control of the Everest Spirit Mountain, Yan was able to move freely in the forbidden area.

She had no concern for the Black Mountain Ghost Monkey or the Heavenly Eye Snake. She knew their weaknesses well.

Of course, the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros was no exception.

Even though the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros was fierce and terrifying, Yan understood that it had a weak spot, just like all the other monsters.

"Why are you still here? Keep away from it!"

Reinhard had moved a long distance away by now. But then, he noticed that Zen and Yan hadn't followed. Not only had they not moved an inch, but they were also standing dangerously close to the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros.

'Facing a mountain-like Giant Thunder Rhinoceros on her own? Just with her tiny body? Seriously?' he thought.

By the time his thoughts had trailed off, the Giant Thunder Rhinoceros had already crossed the short distance between itself and Yan. The giant beast and the petite girl now stood face to face.

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