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   Chapter 2447 Multiple Antennae Snake

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Reinhard, who was leading the way, suddenly stopped and looked at his side.

Surprised, the rest still followed his order and stopped walking. Wondering at what he just felt, they followed his gaze.

There was nothing in the heavy mist. It was so quiet that they could hear each other breathing. The air felt heavy.

They had been down this road for some time now. Previously, they could still see some huge shadows in the mist.

But at this moment, all of the shadows had disappeared, as if they had all retreated to the depths of the mist. Staring at the darkness surrounding them, the True Gods were unable to question what was causing the delay.

"Why are we stopping here?"

"There seems to be nothing around us!"

"I couldn't see anything too."

The other True Gods looked at each other in dismay. They thought it was a bad call. They were in the middle of nowhere.

Frowning, Reinhard sighed. Was his perception wrong?

Keeping this in mind, he flicked his fingers.


The sound of unsheathing a sword came from his sleeve.

Shooting out from his sleeve, the tiny sword circled in front of his eyes.

It was a short sword, almost like a dagger, only a hand long. Its body shone dimly against the mist. The exquisite detail on its grip and blade made it look like a work of art.

"Heed my command and detect any dangers around us. I command you to ring once you find any!"


The ringing sound of the tiny sword in front of Reinhard surprised everyone.

But just like a compass, the pointed end of the blade did not stop in one direction. Instead it continuously swayed in the air, as if trying to find a target.

The group were all startled by the sound and had their eyes locked onto the piece of metal floating and swaying mid-air. After a while, it stopped and pointed downwards.


Furrowing his brows, Reinhard uttered loud enough for everyone to hear. The members of the Sword Clan exchanged confused glances with each other.

This tiny sword was the Sword Clan's treasure, the Tribulation Exterminating Sword, which could tell the direction of dangers to a certain extent. And based from experience, it was never wrong.

'Could they really have gone deep into the ground?'

Pondering to himself, Zen's eyes flashed with confusion. Voicing out his concern, he finally asked, "Are the incarnations of fear intelligent?"

This was a very important problem.

Ordinary incarnations were easy to deal with. Even though some were really powerful, they were lacking intelligence, making them easy to deal with. Being such a mechanical and stupid opponent, they had many flaws and weaknesses.

However, an opponent with intelligence and skills would requi

ae Snake?"

"How could it be?"

"Isn't the Multiple Antennae Snake an ancient beast? It had been extinct completely. Who the hell has seen it before?"

The other True Gods all shouted doubtfully.

After a short while, Enoch took a deep breath and replied, "I, I think I had seen it before."

His statement triggered everyone's doubts.

Seeing that nobody was willing to believe him, Enoch continued, "I've been wondering about it since I saw many antennae in the mist earlier. My clan has a secret cultivation place left behind from the ancient times. After it was restored by my father, the children of our clan are able to practice there. This secret place enables us to see the Multiple Antennae Snake from the ancient times. I was lucky since I saw it once when I was still very young. After that day, I had nightmares about it for three full years."

After hearing his explanation, the other True Gods' expressions all became restless.

"Damn it! Why would your father repair an ancient relic? We'll all die here because of you!"

"The Multiple Antennae Snake is an ancient beast. If what you're saying is true, we will be in great trouble!"

"Based from the records of the ancient books, the Multiple Antennae Snake is indeed good at crawling underground. Noting that the earth here is soft soil made of the accumulated bark and tree roots of countless years, it's very suitable for it to move around."

Upon hearing all this, many True Gods stared fiercely at Enoch.

But it wasn't his fault. Everyone had his or her own fear. Enoch had been clear that he had seen the Multiple Antennae Snake when he was very young, and he had almost forgotten about it when he reached adulthood. However, this kind of memory was usually deeply hidden in everyone's mind, and the debate venue had finally awaken it.

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