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   Chapter 2446 The Truth Of Holy Words

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"They have planted the seed of the Eye of Perception, which means that they have managed to summon avatars in the debate venue," Marsh continued. "If Yan has really understood more than half of the Truth of Holy Words, she may be able to summon an avatar of the second class."

The old man next to Marsh spoke when he heard those words, "In the past, we summoned avatars of the second class but we failed to resist the manifestations of our fears. Although four of us worked together to force our way in, we triggered a restriction and had to retreat. Yan has an avatar of the second class but she may not be able to resist the incarnations of fears."

The old man was another Holy Being of the Sword Clan, Gibson Sword.

A helpless look passed through Harold's face. "That's all I can do."

Because Zen had gone the wrong way, he tried his best.

In fact, Yan did a good job.

Even if the Truth of Holy Words left by Harold's master was incomplete, since she mastered ninety-nine percent of it, she could be called perfect.

Even Zen couldn't have done better.

It was all up to luck whether they could pass or not.

Harold was very clear that although the beings of the divine land all called themselves gods, no one was a real god. It was impossible for them to control their fate.

"First, let's use the perception technique to see what happens."

The Sunrest Tree could block the mind.

Therefore, even Holy Beings couldn't have an all-encompassing view.

If they wanted to detect movements in the Sunrest Tree, they needed to use the perception technique of the Sword Clan.

As Marsh's eyes flashed, the scene of the debate venue at the bottom of the Sunrest Tree entered his eyes.

A strange expression appeared on his face as he was stunned by the scene that he saw.

It was rare to see such an expression on a Holy Being's face.

"What's wrong?" Gibson asked curiously.

Marsh glanced at Harold meaningfully. "Take a look."

Harold didn't unders


The True Gods present condensed their own avatars one by one.

Some of the avatars were in strange shapes and sizes, but the majority of them were human shaped.

"Let's go!"

At the signal, Lavender, his avatar, quickly stepped in front of him.



Lavender threw the long spear in its hand and it immediately turned into a red light that rushed out!

It was as easy as controlling his own arm for Zen to manipulate the avatar because of his powerful soul force.

When he saw the current Lavender, Zen couldn't help but think of the time when she was his sword spirit. The resemblance was uncanny but the avatar was even stronger!

"All of the avatars have been condensed. It's time to go," Reinhard smiled as he spoke. "Zen, Yan, your avatars are the strongest. Please follow me."

Taking the lead once again, Reinhard headed towards the mist. Zen and Yan followed closely behind him with the other True Gods behind them.

Even when they obtained powerful avatars, the faint shadows flickering in the thick mist still weighed heavily in their minds.

They trudged forwards for miles and plunged deeper into the mist.

They looked around their surroundings and found that everything was hazy.

They all knew that the incarnations of their fears were hidden in the mist.

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