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   Chapter 2445 An Avatar Of The First Class

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The light began to condense and quickly transformed into a dark shadow.

As Zen watched, his curiosity grew. He wanted to know who he trusted most.

He hadn't been with Yan for a long time, and he was not the most powerful being in her opinion.

However, Yan subconsciously trusted Zen the most so her avatar had taken his form.

So, who would be the person he trusted the most? Who would the shadow transform into?

As the light continued to condense, it finally turned into a slender, tall red figure.

It stood before Zen with a long spear in its hand.

When he was able to see the figure clearly, he was stunned. How could it be Lavender?

The red avatar shone with a blazing light, and it looked like bright blood spilled over its body. Once it had taken its full shape, it outshone the others.

"Zen, isn't this your sword spirit?"

Yan craned her neck to study the tall and slender girl.

The last time Zen had been with Yan, they were in the Ethereal Spirit Sect. But then she had been taken away by Harold, and he hadn't seen her since.

At that time, Lavender had woken up, and had become his powerful support, but he didn't summon her in the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

Because of that, Yan had always thought that Lavender was just Zen's sword spirit. She'd never considered that Lavender was the queen of the Demon Night race.

Zen himself did not expect that Lavender was the person he trusted the most. He had expected it to be his father.

He thought carefully for a moment. Realization dawned on him as he remembered that his father had only appeared twice when he was in dire need of him.

Once his father helped him resist the Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation, and the other time was when he fought against the energy soul of Murphy.

However, when he was in the Lower World, Lavender had accompanied him on many perilous escapades.

All the way from the Tower of Sin to the Divine Kingdom Continent.

Now that he really thought about it, Lavender was indeed one of the people he had relied on the most during that time.

The strange look in Yan's eyes became more prominent. "Zen, why do you trust your sword spirit so much?"

She tilted her head and looked at Lavender with a curious expression.

"It's a long story. She belongs to a special race. She was not a pure sword spirit. When I have time in the future, I will tell you what happened," said Zen with a smile.

While the two of them were discussing Lavender's appearance, everyone around them stared at Zen's avatar with a dull ex

impossible! You mean that Zen has learned a nearly complete text of the Truth of Godly Way?"

They all knew that to summon such an avatar, the summoner had to comprehend ninety percent of a certain Truth of Godly Way.

It was hard to believe that Zen had the power of comprehending so much.

From what the disciples of the Sword Clan knew, there was no way to get a complete text of the Truth of Godly Way in the divine land.

Who could possibly decipher all the Sanskrit words needed to learn so much?

They had been studying Sanskrit words ever since the debate was held. No person with that skill had been discovered up to now.

The disciples of the Sword Clan had the most right to comment on this. They had spent the longest time studying Sanskrit words, and knew a great deal about them.

"I do not know why," Reinhard said in a low voice. As his face relaxed into a neutral expression, he went on, "But it's a good thing after all. A great deal of good news! Solomon, deploy the Eye of Perception."

"Isn't it too early for that?" Solomon questioned.

"We must inform Holy Marsh of the news as soon as possible," Reinhard answered.

Solomon nodded, stretched out his fingers, and gently flicked them towards the ground. A small seed buried itself in the ground.

In the Heavenly Sword Divine City at the top of the Sunrest Tree, Marsh's eyes fluttered and he smiled. "The seed of the Eye of Perception has been buried. Harold, you can see the scene below using the perception technique I taught you."

The Sword Clan's perception technique was only a small trick derived from the Cyan Wood Godly Way. With Harold's talent, he could use it skillfully in an instant.

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