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   Chapter 2444 The Avatars

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It was not a coincidence that the Dongfang Clan had sent Duke there. It was a calculated move.

This was not the first debate, neither was it the first time the True Gods of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands had participated in the said debate. It had all happened previously.

For the alliance of the wealthy clans, they only needed to prevent anyone from obtaining the inheritance of the skeleton.

The easiest way to achieve this was to place a ferocious beast that no one could defeat in the debate venue.

Contrary to accustomed belief, Duke had not gone to the Abyss Demon Region to gain experience. Instead, under the leadership of the consummate True Gods, he had undergone the most fearsome experience.

The fear was rooted deep in his heart. Right after, he was sent to participate in the debate.

Under the influence of the debate venue, the seed of fear began to sprout in him bit by bit, threatening to spread on his insides.

"My God! What is in the mist?" With his eyes wide like a pair of saucers, Wesley stared at Duke in dismay.

Duke shook his head helplessly and laughed, sharp bitterness resonating in the sound. "We are all going to die," he said quietly.

"What?! How dare you bring me here? I quit!" Wesley sputtered, his mouth twisting. Disbelief etched his features.

Although he knew that the debate venue was rife with danger, he felt it was incredibly insensitive of Duke to bring him and the others here, since it was apparent that all of them were about to die. Duke had effectively thrown them into the beast's den.

"Our clan has kept the wisps of your souls before we came here," Duke continued earnestly. "The reason why our clan cultivates us is that they hope we can repay them someday in the future. The debate this time is of utmost importance, so we have to take it seriously."

As Wesley listened to this, his eyes twitched.

"It's not so simple to defeat the fears in our hearts."

"That's correct. Usually, what we fear the most is stronger than ourselves."

"I have been wondering why no one has stepped into this debate venue for so many years. It turns out that this is simply a dead end!"

Many people began to regret coming here.

Not everyone was able to pluck up their courage to face the worst fears in their heart.

"It's only that you must face them. Of course you cannot defeat them," Reinhard said with a faint smile. "The courage in your hearts will

the avatar. This rule must have been set by the skeleton intentionally.' Zen closed his eyes and fell into deep thought.

Obviously, the skeleton set such a barrier in order to choose the right one to inherit its legacy.

The person must be utterly sensitive to the Truth of Godly Way.

However, the kind of Truth of Godly Way they cultivated was not important.

What was the purpose of the skeleton?

As Zen pondered on the answer, he began to recite the Truth of Godly Way slowly in his head.

The Truth of Cultivation Nature began to revolve and Zen emitted an extraordinarily unique aura.

In the divine land, the True Gods did not comprehend many Truths of Godly Ways.

Most of the True Gods present had comprehended less than ten percent of a Truth of Godly Way.

Reinhard, Duke, Tyrone Mu, and Ellis Fang all had comprehended a little more because of the inheritance of their clans. However, they too could only reach twenty percent of the criteria.

It was not that they did not want to comprehend more, but they were unable to find a complete text of the Truth of Godly Way in the divine land.

What Zen had received, however, was a complete one.

He had not fully comprehended the Truth of Cultivation Nature and was unable to recite the last part no matter how hard he tried, but he still managed to comprehend almost ninety percent of it.

As he employed the Truth of Godly Way, a natural aura converted into specks of light and occupied the array underneath his feet, intermingling with the designs.

That aura was so intense that it attracted the attention of the others as Zen employed it.

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