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   Chapter 2443 Fear And Malice

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It took five minutes for Reinhard, who was very familiar with this place, to adapt to the environment.

Naturally, the others took much longer.

Some of the grassroots True Gods had indeed cultivated a few Truths of Godly Ways before coming here.

However, the Truths of Godly Ways spreading around the divine land were not complete. They only consisted of a few dozen words or so. What was worse, some of them were wrongly translated. So, these warriors who had cultivated the Truths of Godly Ways before didn't have much of an advantage here.

Aside from them, there were warriors who had poor perception. For those warriors, it was impossible to adapt to this constantly changing Truth of Goodwill and Malice.

One by one, they sat down cross-legged as they tried to adapt to or even fight against this unfamiliar environment.

However, there was no way to wipe out the aura of the Truth of Godly Way. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the Non-combat Zone to forbid a Holy Being from attacking others.


A top-rank True God suddenly vomited and staggered out of the thin line.


Another top-rank True God fell to the ground, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he fainted.

At first, it was the True Gods of the first-tier clans who decided to quit. Later, even some disciples from the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands chose to quit too.

In order to enter the debate venue, one must have a certain degree of comprehension of any Truth of Godly Way, or else they would find it difficult to move even a step.

The True Gods who dared to enter the debate venue in the end were more or less prepared.

About an hour later, nearly seventy percent of the True Gods adapted to the venue's aura, including Enoch.

As for the remaining thirty percent, they could do nothing but wait outside the thin line.

"Now that you have adapted to the Truth of Godly Way here, follow me," Reinhard said indifferently, but he couldn't stop his gaze from falling on Zen from time to time.

Zen's performance was a small blow to him.

Reinhard had gotten used to the aura in the debate venue within five minutes⁠—a record time for him.

Naturally, the disciples of the Sword Clan had an advantage in the debate venue.

Since the Sunrest Tree Region was their home, they had had a lot of practice in adapting to the Truth of Goodwill and Malice.

The Sword Clan had dug a bi

ue Gods looked terrified.

Everyone had a fear, and they also considered it the evilest existence.

If a boy was bitten by a dog, he would be most afraid of dogs.

Then, if he came to the debate venue, he would see a dog in the mist.

However, the top-rank True Gods present here had all participated in countless battles, and were elite warriors in the divine land.

It was no surprise that the things that these top-rank True Gods feared the most were all rare and terrifying. Hearing Reinhard's words, Wesley and Gino gulped in fear.

They were obviously afraid of whatever they were seeing in the mist.

However, to their surprise, Duke had a smile on his face. "Duke, what are you looking at?" Wesley asked.

Duke took a long look at Wesley and then said, "For the past few years, I wasn't living in our clan. Do you know where I was?"

"I don't know. Weren't you cultivating in seclusion?" Curiosity was written all over Wesley's face.

Until a few years ago, Duke had often fought in the Arena of Legends and had once even ranked first among the top-rank True Gods.

But suddenly, he had disappeared without a trace, and his points had been cleared up. Even the disciples of the Dongfang Clan didn't know where he had gone, but they had all assumed that he had gone to cultivate in seclusion. After all, it was common for warriors to do that.

It was only after the opening of the debate venue that Duke had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. None of the disciples of Dongfang clan had been expecting it.

"No." Duke shook his head. "All these years, I was in the Abyss Demon Region."

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