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   Chapter 2442 Get Used To It

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Multiple clouds of dark green miasmas floated around the twisted ghosts.

The miasmas flashed with phosphorescence and were highly toxic.

"This is the Soul Corroding Ganoderma, one of the most dangerous things ever. Even a consummate True God couldn't pick it. Are you sure you want to?" Reinhard asked.

The warriors' faces turned pale at the sight of the ferocious monsters and at Reinhard's words.

"The poisonous miasmas are about to float over. Stay here if you want to die," Reinhard said and led the Sword Clan disciples forward.

The other True Gods followed them as soon as they left.

Duke and his friends also looked sullen when they saw the Soul Corroding Ganodermas.

All the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands had gathered some information about the debate venue. But they were not as familiar with it as the Sword Clan was.

If they weren't careful enough in such a dangerous place, they would most likely be killed. And if Reinhard wanted to do something bad to them, it would be difficult for them to defend themselves against him.

"There is a fork in the road. We need to go right!"

A massive root loomed ahead of the crowd, dividing the path into two. To the right was a narrow cave.

The moment Reinhard finished speaking, he swooped into this cave.

The others had no choice but to follow him in. Zen and Yan also squeezed into the cave.

They traveled through this cave for a while before they came upon an open space.

Their surrounding environment now changed drastically.

The wet, soft ground turned into a mottled stone road. There were still a lot of huge roots around them, through which they could indistinctly see some walls. But these walls were riddled with holes, having been unable to withstand the erosion that the tree roots were causing.

They walked along the mottled stone road for a while, and with time, the road became wider and wider. A faint layer of mist prevented all the True Gods from looking ahead.

'The bottom of the Sunrest Tree is so wide!'

Zen thought to himself. He hadn't expected the debate venue to be so vast.

But the top of the Sunrest Tree was so huge that he couldn't see its edges. So it wasn't surprising that its trunk was so wide and the

rtable that they were beginning to turn red at the effort of keeping it together. They were being greatly influenced by the Truth of Goodwill and Malice, suffering severe headaches and violent mood swings. And if they didn't get used to it quickly, their willpower would be destroyed beyond repair.

Yan was the first one to get used to it.

And that was because she didn't need time to get used to it.

When the Truth of Malice came at her, the purple light in her eyes bloomed.

As the Truth of Goodwill came to her, the purple light in her eyes began to dissipate.

"Zen, can you get used to it?" Yan turned to look at Zen.

Zen closed his eyes and felt the intense fluctuation in his mind.

'Truth of Cultivation Nature...

All the Godly Ways originated from nature...'

The Truth of Goodwill and Malice would allow one to turn their idea into the Truth of Goodwill and the Truth of Malice.

Faced with the constantly changing Truth of Goodwill and Truth of Malice that affected his state of mind, Zen also activated the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

He did not resist this. Instead, he acted according to his will, and obeyed it as it came.

By the time he opened his eyes again, he had returned to normalcy.

"How did you get used to it so soon?" Yan asked, astonished. Her eyes were shimmering with curiosity.

It wasn't easy to adapt once the Truth of Goodwill and the Truth of Malice had come together. She hadn't expected her brother to follow her so easily.

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