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   Chapter 2441 Arrival

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However, the Sunrest Wood Spring was much too rare.

Even in the Sword Clan, it was highly possible there wasn't much of it.

Just moments ago, Zen had absorbed at least a dozen pots of Sunrest Wood Spring. Even the Sword Clan would take more than a thousand years to accumulate so much Sunrest Wood Spring.

Despite such, the whole of his inner world had only expanded by very little.

In fact, it was unrealistic to rely on this kind of spring water in order to expand one's inner world.

After Zen withdrew his incarnation from his inner world, he once again stepped on the flying sword without hesitation. Together with Yan by his side, he continued his journey downward, along with the other True Gods.

As they continued working their way down, the quantity of giant bugs that buzzed around them gradually decreased, eventually disappearing completely.

The surrounding area was totally barren without any vitality, but the Truth of Malice released from the Killing Zone grew more and more intense!

Many people's eyes were red with anger, and there was a strong sense of murder filling the space, as if they would jump on one another and fight to the deaths at the slightest disagreement, especially Gage and Donne.

These two in particular, were a little out of control due to their enmity with Yan. It appeared as though they wanted to get into a fight with her, but after Duke obliged each of them to swallow a pill, they ultimately restrained themselves.

After confirming their safety, a few of the True Gods sat upright on their flying swords. Here, they rested with their eyes closed, all while keeping a certain speed as they descended.

"Look! Down there! I can see plenty of circles on the cave wall below!" Yan stated as she pointed vigorously in the direction she was looking into.

Zen equally looked over to where Yan was pointing and indeed, he too saw the white circles on the wide cave wall.

"Huh. What are they?" Zen asked in a curious tone.

"Those are the annual rings," Yan replied frankly, with a smile.

She not only was powerful, but also knew more than Zen.

Or in other words, before they'd gone to the Sunrest Tree, Harold had taught Yan plenty of important information.

"Are they the Sunrest Tree's annual rings?" Zen asked anew.

"Yes. A single branch will appear on the Sunrest Tree every divine era, and at the same time, the trunk will grow another annual ring. These huge annual rings define the Sunrest Tree's age," Yan explained seriously.

The True Gods standing not far away also felt surprised as they listened to Yan's explanation.

After all, the truth remained that not everyone h

one hundred warriors forward along with him.

The bottom of the tree was filled with the roots with all kinds of distorted shapes. Furthermore, a few plants with peculiar forms grew in the darkness and the wet places down here.



It only took a few moments before a strange scream could be heard coming from not too far away.

A True God looked into the direction where the voice was coming from, and he quickly noticed a bunch of pale yellow Ganoderma lucidum.

In fact, from what he could see, there were nearly twenty Ganoderma lucidums and they were all neatly arranged in a row, which looked very attractive, to say the least.

"Can you believe it? The Ganoderma lucidums look supernatural!"

"They are absolutely not ordinary beings!"

Enoch and several other True Gods were a bit intrigued by the Ganoderma lucidums. Before the others knew what was happening, they rushed forward and picked them.

As he watched them do so, Reinhard only turned his head and asked, "Solomon?"

"Yes?" replied Solomon questioningly, who was standing behind Reinhard and taking a step forward. A long sword shot outward as fast as lightning.


The lightning was completely fused with the sword light, or perhaps, it was completely integrated into it! It appeared as though the two had now become one.

In an instant, the sword light shot out at a distance of over a thousand feet. It immediately pierced through the Ganoderma lucidums.

Crack, crack, crack...

Surrounded by bright blue lightning, the twenty or so Ganoderma lucidums started twisting crazily as they screamed out in torturous shrills.

Before long, the Ganoderma lucidums equally changed into groups of ferocious ghost shapes, standing there and contorting wildly.

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