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   Chapter 2440 A Slight Change

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Yan could be considered a cold and powerful goddess that dominated both life and death.

As she sat next to Zen however, her fingers trembled, just enough for Zen to take notice.

Upon perceiving this trivial detail, Zen smiled and whispered through his chaotic energy, "Yan, if you're a little nervous, don't force yourself. I can handle it on my own."

Yan hadn't experienced too much slaughter in her lifetime; at least, not yet. This was probably her first experience of killing a True God and therefore, it was only inevitable that she felt a little uncomfortable.

It was perhaps because of Harold's teachings that Yan had behaved in such a way.

All in all, it was clearly really hard for her.

"I'm not nervous at all," Yan replied in a matter-of-fact tone, equally through her life vitality. "Zen, you'd better absorb the Sunrest Wood Spring. I don't need it."

As he looked at her serious expression, Zen smiled.

He immediately put his hands directly into the cool spring.

The Sunrest Wood Spring was the Sunrest Tree's essence, which was so powerful that it could literally melt anything it came into contact with.

As soon as Zen immersed his hands into it, the green liquid automatically began gathering around his fingers, palms and wrists.

Visibly, the Sunrest Wood Spring on the platform was gradually being absorbed by Zen.

Zen didn't spread the spring into his body however, but placed it instead into his cinnabar field along the meridians.

Duke, on his behalf, occupied a different platform.

On the edge of the platform stood two other top-rank True Gods from the Dongfang Clan.

One of them was named Gino Dongfang, and the other, Wesley Dongfang.

This time, the three True Gods of the Dongfang Clan were very carefully hand-selected by Troy.

"Duke, the Sunrest Wood Spring..." murmured Wesley, a young teenage warrior standing beside him.

"Don't leave it to me. You can absorb it by yourselves." Duke shook his head as he replied. He didn't care about the Sunrest Wood Spring in the least.

As he looked over at Yan, Duke felt very preoccupied. Gino, through his life vitality, secretly asked, "Duke, are you still worried about Yan? What kind of strength was she using? It doesn't seem to be any Godly Way, and even no internal momentum fluctuated. It's really strange!

t? What's going on?"

As the World Tree expanded and swelled, Zen could clearly feel his inner world starting to do the same.


Zen's avatar suddenly flashed and instantly arrived at the edge of his inner world.

He gazed into the distance, a touch of bewilderment in his eyes. With a flick of his finger, a thin line brushed past the edge where he stood.

There were a total of a thousand and eighty golden Sanskrit words around his inner world. These golden Sanskrit words were equally spaced, with an exact distance of thirteen thousand miles between each one.

The thin line drawn by Zen, however, went sixteen inches further.

The distance between each golden Sanskrit word was sixteen inches longer.

"My inner world has expanded," Zen concluded aloud.

As his inner world continued to expand, the Sanskrit words surrounding it equally distanced themselves even more.

The scope of this expansion was very small, and thus, Zen hadn't felt anything different at all. That said though, he had confirmed it anyway.

"The Sunrest Wood Spring is just the Sunrest Tree's life essence. Why can it expand my inner world?"

Zen felt utterly confused.

The world in his cinnabar field was completely different from those of ordinary people. It was understandable that Zen had to grope how to break through to the next cultivation level by himself.

All of this had risen from his meager attempt to absorb the Sunrest Wood Spring into his body. He hadn't expected that there would really be such a change in his inner world.

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