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   Chapter 2439 Being Cold Blooded

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Over twenty platforms, all of different sizes, filled the Sunrest Wood Spring.

Zen reacted almost instantly. As soon as he had alighted, he landed on one of the largest of the platforms. Naturally, this attracted the attention of the others present.

Only one of them spoke, however. It was Brendan Tang, a top-rank True God of the Tang Clan.

He was intimidating to behold. Standing over 2.5 meters tall and with skin of deep bronze, he was in the top thirty among the top-rank True Gods in the Arena of Legends. His strength could not be overstated.

The Tang Clan, including the branch of the clan Brendan Tang belonged to, was famous for their mastery of weapon refining.

Thus, he valued the Sunrest Wood Spring even more than the other True Gods did.

Brendan Tang was a little slow to react, however. As he saw these guys starting to occupy the platforms, he began feeling anxious.

When his eyes swept the platforms, he realized that Zen was standing on the biggest one, and he was overwhelmed with outrage.

"What a fool!"

Seeing that Brendan Tang was about to give Zen a hard time, Duke swore quietly in his mind.

Before the debate over the Godly Ways, those consummate True Gods of the alliance of wealthy clans, and the True Gods that accompanied them, had conspired together.

And they had concluded that it was not the time to make a move yet.

Even though the Dongfang Clan was the leader of the union of wealthy clans, Duke himself was just a top-rank True God.

Donne Tang and Gage Tang from the Tang Clan were doing fine.

An impulsive man like Brendan Tang, however, would probably not want to join Duke.

"Your place?"

Zen glanced at Brendan Tang with total indifference.

Yan, who had been hovering just behind Zen, quietly leaned against his shoulder. A trace of ridicule appeared on her face as she sneered, "You asked Zen to get away? Do you want to flirt with death?"

Brendan Tang's face darkened at her words. Although Yan had displayed her use of a special method, and had been successful at trapping all the Fanged Cicadas, he couldn't quite gauge her real strength. In fact, he might not have to be afraid of her and Zen!

But he was not confident enough to fight the two alone.

He raised his head and shouted, "Gage Tang, Do

head and the body were allowed to stay separated for too long, the physical body and the inner world would be affected.

"No need to save him," Yan said gently, her expression cold. She pointed at Brendan Tang's head.

"Kill," she uttered, her voice calm and quiet.

As she spoke, Brendan Tang's face suddenly lost all vitality, his eyes still wide open and filled with fear.

All the life energy vanished at once. He was dead.



Both Gage Tang and Donne Tang had fallen into a panic.

Reinhard, who stood by with the crowd, looked on with incredulity, still reeling from witnessing Yan make her lethal move.

With only two words, Yan had killed a top-rank True God. Not only was this girl too powerful, she had no reservations about using her powers, and did so ruthlessly.

Duke, not far away, remained calm. The faces of other clans' True Gods darkened. They knew they could not complete their task with Yan present. She was too strong.

Yan's face was calm.

However, there was coldness in her eyes flashing purple light.

She slowly sat down on the edge of the platform and looked at the True Gods present. "No matter what your goal is, if you provoke Zen, you will come to the same end as this guy," she said nonchalantly.

Enoch stared at Yan, and his heart sank.

The girl had looked gentle and adorable. He hadn't expected that she would be so ruthless and cold blooded when someone provoked her or Zen.

Even Zen himself did not expect Yan's reaction to be so intense.

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