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   Chapter 2438 Sunrest Wood Spring

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All the top-rank True Gods began to slow down as they fell.

Enoch and the other top-rank True Gods breathed a collective sigh of relief.

They had really been out of luck this time and hadn't expected to face such a crisis when they had just entered the cave at the center of Sunrest Wood.

"I really narrowly escaped death!"

"I was so close to death. One of the Fanged Cicadas scratched my forehead."

"How many people have died?"

The top-rank True Gods all looked relieved.

"There were forty-seven explosions in all. Including the one whose head was tore off by Duke, a total of forty-eight people have died," a top-rank True God said calmly.

Not all top-rank True Gods were panicking.

Some of them had gone through some unimaginable trials and tribulations. They were indifferent to questions of life and death, and had even taken the time to memorize these matters, despite how dangerous the situation was.

Zen glanced at the top-rank True God, surprised that he had counted the number of the people who had died.

Forty-eight people had indeed died, including forty-three disciples of the first-tier clans and five belonging to the rich clans on the Floating Islands.

This top-rank True God was very thin, inconspicuous in his appearance and eyes brimming with a radiant vigor. Zen didn't know which clan he belonged to and hadn't noticed him before.

Reinhard turned his sword and in a matter of mere moments, turned into a ray of white light. He then came up to Yan and bowed to her. "Thank you. If it weren't for you, more people would have died."

Reinhard was certain that

Yan was the most important person in the Luo Clan.

According to Reinhard's estimation, if Yan didn't make a move, at least half the members of the Sword Clan would die when faced with so many Fanged Cicadas attacking. Even Reinhard might die!

All of them relied on Yan's protection when they passed through the section of the road that had the largest number of Fanged Cicadas.

"You're welcome," Yan replied rather indifferently.

Reinhard didn't care about Yan's attitude. Marsh had chosen them and the twelve top-rank True Gods of the Sword Clan had made up their minds to be death warriors.

He turned around and said to the remaining ten disciples of the Sword Clan through his life vitality, "The next t

n were to try to stop those excited True Gods, it would lead to an immediate dispute.

In a flash, Zen moved so that he was standing at the edge of a platform.

Zen had seen the Sunrest Wood Spring before.

In the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Holy Drew had used a pot of Sunrest Wood Spring to forge his body.

Zen was unable to move at the time, but he could see that Holy Drew was obviously unwilling to use the Sunrest Wood Spring.

The Sunrest Wood Spring was very valuable to Holy Drew. He knew that it must cost a fortune.

After Zen had broken through and become a low-rank True God, his cultivation base had stopped increasing.

The other True Gods had begun to expand their inner worlds after forming the Godly Tiles.

Simultaneously, the clouds were transformed from the life vitality sea in the inner world and gathered into the Godly Tiles throughout the day and night. As long as one kept making breakthroughs in the Godly Way, it would be natural for them to create a Godly Tile of a mid-rank True God.

But things always became complicated when it came to Zen.

The chaotic energy could not be gathered into the Godly Tile.

He wondered if he had to look for the brown mud as he continued to advance.

Now, he even couldn't figure out the use of the divine might coin.

He had heard that it could greatly benefit the creatures in the inner world if one drank the Sunrest Wood Spring directly. So he would try it too.

But as he stood up, a harsh voice sounded around him. "Get away from here! This is my place!"

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