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   Chapter 2437 Entangled In The Whirlpools

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"Does this theurgy allow one to launch an attack by merely speaking?"

Zen asked, astonishment written all over his face.

He was aware of Yan possessing a Purple Power Body.

However, he didn't know much regarding what skills she practiced.

When he asked Yan about this, she simply hummed and avoided giving him any definite reply.

She had been extremely vague with her answers, even when Zen asked her about their mother.

It seemed he couldn't see through his sister anymore.

When Yan launched her attack by speaking, Zen expected some energy fluctuation. However, there was none at all.

For example, when one practiced the Great Dominance Technique, it was possible to activate it just by speaking. However, this could only be done through a special method of mixing the Godly Way and mental attacks. It was still a certain kind of mental attack.

Yan's method was formidable. Her word was 'annihilate' and it had been enough to cause all these Fanged Cicadas to immediately drop dead.

Zen could only look at his sister's back, lost in his thoughts.



Nobody else noticed what Yan had just done, except Zen of course.

The entire situation was just too chaotic.

More and more top-rank True Gods fell prey to the Fanged Cicadas and were exploding left and right.

The explosions were also a hazard to the other nearby True Gods. Once injured, they were immediately the next target for the Fanged Cicadas.

However, those who died were the top-rank True Gods of the first-tier clans.

All the rich and powerful clans on the Floating Islands had prepared their disciples extensively for this competition.

Thus, in the face of such a sudden crisis, they naturally had a couple of tricks up their sleeves.

Duke, for one, summoned a group of palm-sized birds from his chest.

These birds flew all around him. Any Fanged Cicada that ventured too close would get swallowed up by the birds.

Meanwhile, the three top-rank True Gods of the Bai Clan were arranged in a triangle, surrounded by sharp rays of light.


ls continued to appear around everyone.

The previously innumerable Fanged Cicadas started to dwindle as they were sucked in.

The sight of these miraculous whirlpools caught the top-rank True Gods in surprise. They absolutely had no idea where these came from!

"It's her!"

"It's the woman below!"

They all exclaimed, pointing at Yan.

There was no evidence of energy fluctuation around her, but they were able to confirm that it was her that created these whirlpools.

"This woman... Wow, she's so powerful. She's already saved me five times!"

Enoch announced. He had been quite frightened before but was now very excited at Yan's appearance.


Reinhard looked at Yan with a complicated expression on his face.

He didn't believe her theurgy was powerful but it was extremely unbelievable.

It was only then that he finally understood. The Sword Clan must have thought it through before assigning the task of inheritance to Zen and Yan. Marsh wasn't a fool after all.

The strength of these two was absolutely beyond his imagination.

As they descended, more and more whirlpools appeared. They did not kill the Fanged Cicadas but still rendered the creatures immobile.

This lasted for five minutes more.

After this time, they finally saw the rotten worm's tail, which meant that they finally got rid of all those damned Fanged Cicadas.

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