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   Chapter 2436 Annihilate

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Reinhard's sword strike was way too fast.

Not even a top-rank True God would've been able to avoid it.

"These Fanged Cicadas aren't very scary. So long as they don't get into our heads, then we'll be fine," Reinhard said. "Everyone! Follow me."

With that, he lightly stomped on the sword under his feet and shot down vertically.

Reinhard's orders from Marsh were to protect Zen and his sister, but to him, if these two siblings couldn't manage to get through here, then protecting them wasn't going to be of any use.

The dangers they would face were grave, and there was no way they'd be able to approach the skeleton if they were too weak.

To him, it was better for them to pin their hopes on the members of their own clan.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The remaining eleven disciples of the Sword Clan followed Reinhard and also swooped down.

Enoch and the other top-rank True Gods saw Reinhard courageously wielding his sword. The sight painted a very reliable and valiant image of Reinhard in their hearts, and they naturally followed after him, confident that he would be able to protect all of them.

Yan had a smile on her face, seemingly unaffected by Reinhard's attack. "Let's go, Zen," she told her brother. "Just hide behind me no matter what happens."

Zen could only smile back and follow his sister down.

As they fell, their speed also increased. Some even opted to kick the flying swords under their feet away and just delved into the free-fall.

The Fanged Cicadas lurked in the larva's body. Whenever a creature passed by, a black blur would suddenly jump out which turned out to be a Fanged Cicada.

Reinhard was in the front. He held his scabbard with one hand and the hilt of his sword in the other.


There were numerous cracking noises as the larva's skin crumpled.

Reinhard lightly moved his right hand and let out a sharp sword light that immediately cut the cicada in half.

There weren't that many Fanged Cicadas in the beginning. One or two would come out every thousand feet or so.

However, as they went farther down, more and more Fanged Cicadas shot out of the larva's body. Reinhard's sword wielding got even faster in order to keep up. A f

h! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Each Fanged Cicada was a deadly killer.

A swarm merely looked like a collection of thousands of black lines that swiftly charged towards them.

"Watch out!"


The top-rank True God who shouted to warn the others was the first to fall as a small hole appeared in his forehead.


His elixir field flashed blue before his entire body burst into a huge fireball.

Unfortunately, nobody could afford to pay any attention to this top-rank True God.

It was every man for himself in the utter chaos and all the True Gods could only watch out for their own backs as they dived down.

The purple light in Yan's eyes grew brighter. As a top-rank True God, she had the ability to fly and had no need for the flying sword. She quickly kicked it under her feet and grabbed Zen's hand.

"They are coming!"

In an instant, sixty to seventy streaks of black light appeared not too far away from them.

Zen was very much ready to fight against these Fanged Cicadas.

These creatures were fast but it wouldn't be terribly difficult to kill them.

He never expected that his sister would only need to utter a single word to deal with all of them.


Then, something strange happened.

Just as she spoke, the Fanged Cicadas heading towards them all fell to the ground, as if they had suddenly died in mid-air.

While this happened, Zen did not feel even the slightest fluctuation of energy.

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