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   Chapter 2435 Fanged Cicadas

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The deeper they dove in, the stronger the stinky smell got.

Yan looked around with vigilance. "Brother, it's dangerous below. You should slow down," she reminded Zen in a low voice.

With that, she gently tapped with her tiptoes and moved her sword downwards.

By doing so, she could quickly block and defend Zen if any danger arose suddenly.

Zen, however, looked speechless at Yan's actions. Was he that weak in his sister's eyes?

After they descended for another five thousand feet, they finally found the source of the rotten smell.

"Oh my God! It's a dead giant worm!"

"It's rotting, so that's where the smell came from!"

Those giant worms had a green colored body and they normally looked like cabbageworms, only tens of millions of times larger.

The dead giant worm in front of them, however, had turned greyish-brown. Its hard shell was severely damaged and was covered with numerous holes of various sizes.

"How did this giant worm die?" some of them asked curiously.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

At that moment, their musings were interrupted by a swishing sound that came from above them.

It turned out to be the members of the Sword Clan that came at a later time.

As their leader, Reinhard, arrived, he looked around until his gaze rested on Zen and Yan. His lips curved into a faint smile and nodded at Zen.

Zen didn't know about Marsh's plan, but he knew that the Sword Clan had decided to cooperate with Harold this time, so he nodded in response.

"This is a larva of its kind. They usually take dozens of divine eras to mature, and they never move while they're still larvae," Reinhard explained as he eyed the dead worm with a frown. He added, "This larva… It wasn't able to resist the other creatures that must've paralyzed it.

Some of its flesh and blood had been eaten, and its body began to rot after it died..." "What creatures?" a True God asked warily.

"Fanged Cicadas," Reinhard replied in a calm voice.

"Cicadas? Aren't all cicadas very noisy? Can't the Fanged Cicadas make any noise?" another True God asked. Generally speaking, most species of cicadas in the divine land were quite strong.

Their most lasting impression on people, however, were their noisy sounds.

It was especially true for the type of cicadas whose

become a headless corpse like the old man.

The Fanged Cicadas, however, moved so fast that they barely had time to react. Even though the giant worm was still a larva, it was tens of thousands or even millions of feet long. It was too dangerous to continue downward!

A frown made its way to Reinhard's face as well.

He knew he had to be more careful about Duke. Since Duke was a top-rank True God from the Dongfang Clan, the True Gods of the other large clans on the Floating Islands might obey his words without question. Duke had moved so fast just now that Reinhard was even wary of his strength.

At that point, everyone heard another light explosive sound.

Almost all of the top-rank True Gods breathed quickly at the same time. Everyone's nerves were on edge.


Another beam of jet black light flashed in the air!


This time, Reinhard had seen it clearly.

He already launched an attack while the black light was still in the air.

He slashed with his sword so fast that his movements looked almost blurry.

A sword slash had three steps: unsheathing the sword, slashing the sword, and then returning the sword to the sheath.

When Reinhard did it, it was so fluid that all three steps looked like only one step.

The rest of them heard a crisp sound as soon as he returned his sword to its sheath. He had cut the black light in the air into two with his sword.

When Duke, who was still holding the old man's head, saw Reinhard's sword slash, his eyes were filled with caution.

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