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   Chapter 2434 The Rotten Odor

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The Sunrest Tree's trunk was too wide that it almost blocked everyone's view.

When they looked at it, they couldn't see where it ended. After a while, the crowd moved on the flying swords as if they were flying over an ordinary plain.

The only difference was that the ground below was not a prairie, nor a desert, but the greyish-brown surface of the Sunrest Tree.

Although the Heavenly Sword Divine City was the core city of the Sword Clan, it was not located in the center of the Sunrest Tree, but rather in the northern part.

Everyone had been moving south for a while now. About twenty five minutes later, they came across a large crack.

It was just a single crack in the entirety of the Sunrest Tree, but it looked more like a huge canyon.

Marsh slightly adjusted the direction of his long sword and flew along the crack.

The other True Gods followed suit and trailed closely behind him.

The crack became increasingly wider as they advanced forward and more cracks appeared.

The cracks crossed one another and eventually formed one large gap. Suddenly, something clicked in Zen's brain.

It seemed that the gap was like a "wound" on the Sunrest Tree. Did it came from that giant worm?

The gap was hundreds of miles wide. Even if all of them stood on the flying swords as they looked down, they couldn't see the bottom.

Marsh stopped in the middle of the gap after a few minutes. What he said next proved Zen's guess.

"We've arrived at our destination. I can only send you until here. Next, you will enter a big hole with a height of 300 million feet. It will be dangerous if you walk forward all the way. Those who want to give up now can go back!" he announced flatly.

None of the True Gods on the flying swords said anything. Only the whistles of the wind were heard.

No one would give up at this stage.

On one side of the group was Yan, who stood upright on her flying sword, looking too excited.

On the other hand, Duke and the top-rank True Gods from the rich and powerful clans such as the Mu Clan, the Tang Clan and the Fang Clan, all cast mischievous look at Zen and Yan.

"All of you can start now," Marsh said. Then he looked at Yan and Zen through the crowd and whispered with a smile, "Good luck to you."

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

One by one, the flying swords circled around and swooped downwards into

ords and slowly rotated downwards, as they simultaneously spread out their own soul power and carefully observed their surroundings.

If they had been in great danger in the Killing Zone that was located near the surface of the Sunrest Tree, then it was even more perilous now that they were at the Sunrest Tree's core.

There was nothing but silence in the dark space.

Not even air existed inside it.

Suddenly, a loud voice cut through the quiet air.

"Look, a giant worm!" one of them exclaimed and pointed to the wall.

There in front of them was a huge, grotesque worm!

It had a very large and long body that extended until who knew where.

The straight cave was already quite wide, but the huge worm's fat and swollen appendage almost took up half the cave's space.

"This giant worm is sleeping," whispered a True God. "Don't worry. This kind of giant worm has never woken up.

They are growing, but also perishing in their deep sleep," another True God chimed in.

However, they came across another giant worm after a short while.

Then, more and more giant worms appeared as they moved downwards.

Thirty thousand feet...

One hundred thousand feet...

Five hundred thousand feet...

Rows upon rows of giant worms slept soundly. They wondered how many giant worms were asleep in the vertical tree cave, which looked more like an abyss.

A pungent, rotten odor assaulted their noses as soon as they descended to seven hundred thousand feet.

Although they didn't know where the smell came from, they had a faint feeling that something was wrong.

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