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   Chapter 2433 Duke Dongfang

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Since Zen entered the hall, the atmosphere seemed to fall quiet.

Most of the top-rank True Gods in the hall had taken part in the debates over the Godly Ways before and didn't seem to find any particular difference in this debate.

But some of those in the know had guessed something had changed when Harold appeared.

Perhaps this debate truly differed from the rest.

The subtle atmosphere dragged on for a while until Marsh led the members of the Sword Clan into the hall.

Wearing a faint smile, he entered the hall and let his gaze fall on Troy.

"I'm sorry," he said. "This time, the seats our Sword Clan can give the Floating Islands have been reduced to half."


The top-rank True Gods were dumbfounded.

The expressions of the consummate True Gods suddenly changed as well.

A particularly sharp glint flashed in Troy's eyes as though he was trying to see into Marsh's mind.

"According to our arrangement, the Sword Clan has always given each Floating Island six seats to take part in the debate. Why did you reduce the seats by half this time?" Troy's tone was cold.

Because he was a calm and thorough man, he wouldn't utter words that could wage war against Zen and Harold as Rachelle did in her rage. All he wanted to do was get to the bottom of it.

He was well aware of what this debate meant, after all.

In this situation, if the Dongfang Clan couldn't get what they wanted, neither could Harold.

So naturally, the top-rank True Gods he brought along were the most powerful in his clan.

The goal of these top-rank True Gods wasn't to obtain the inheritance of the skeleton but to eliminate all the candidates who could possibly do so.

Certainly, Zen was one of them.

Marsh grinned as he glanced at Troy. "Are you kidding me? When did our clan make such an arrangement with you? How about the Tang Clan? Or the Mu Clan?"

Marsh was asking more aggressively now, rendering the consummate True Gods speechless.

Indeed, the Sword Clan hadn't made any such agreement with the powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

All the True Gods in the divine land had the qualifications to participate

ly reasonable—since Marsh didn't prepare enough flying swords, the extra True Gods couldn't go.

Seeing what Marsh had done, Troy became clear that Marsh had long been scheming with Harold.

"Duke!" Troy shouted all of a sudden.

A man in front of him, about thirty years old with gray hair, turned to him.

He was Duke Dongfang, Troy's younger brother.

But Nicholas had picked him out in particular.

It was only natural—Duke was an outstanding top-rank True God.

It could be said that below the consummate True Gods, Duke was ranked first.

His goal was to kill all those brought in by Harold.

And to be exact, these people meant Yan and Zen.

Troy didn't know for sure who was to get the inheritance of the skeleton under Harold's arrangement, so in this case, it was safer to kill them both.

Whether or not Duke could kill Zen and Yan in the end, he would end up dead.

This was perhaps the last time Troy could ever see his brother.

"Don't worry." Duke's eyes quietly swept over Zen and his sister. No contempt laced his eyes as he firmly stepped on a flying sword.

When all the True Gods stood on their swords, Marsh stepped on one himself and shot forward. "Follow me!"

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Zen and the others stood on the swords as well as they spiraled upward, flying out of the Heavenly Sword Divine City behind Marsh.

As soon as Zen and Yan flew off, Harold turned around and left.

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