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   Chapter 2432 Bickering

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The seats of all the True Gods in the hall were already pre-arranged.

The Holy Beings of other wealthy clans on the Floating Islands weren't welcome in the Sunrest Tree Region.

So those who sent the elite disciples to join the debate over the Godly Ways were all consummate True Gods of wealthy clans.

All the warriors gathered on the stairs of the hall were the disciples of wealthy clans—they were made up of about two hundred top-rank True Gods and even some consummate True Gods.

Over a hundred top-rank True Gods with humble backgrounds stood at the foot of the stairs.

Majority of the hundred top-rank True Gods came from the first-tier clans, many of which had consummate True Gods and Demi-holy Beings—they were also powerful forces in the divine land.

But in the eyes of the Floating Islands' disciples, they were merely warriors from grassroots.

"Nice to meet you two again!" Enoch greeted Zen and Yan with a hearty smile.

Zen returned his greeting with a nod while his eyes were fixed on the stairs.

There were too many familiar faces there.

Troy, Rachelle, Alfredo…

When Enoch noticed where Zen's gaze was, he assumed Zen was ready to run up the stairs so he quickly said, "Our seats are at the foot of the stairs. The seats on the stairs are for disciples from the Floating Islands. We—"

But before he could finish his sentence, a clear, sharp voice resounded in their ears.

"Wow! Guess who's here? He's been hiding away for two years. Tell me, why didn't you just hide for a lifetime like a coward?"

It was Rachelle speaking, clad in a light red dress. As a consummate True God, she couldn't participate in the debate. But she still came over through the Floating Island.

Although in that dress, she didn't seem as valiant and heroic as she used to be, it made her look more feminine.

But the top-rank True Gods in the hall more or less knew of her short temper. They took quick, discreet glances at her before averting their eyes.

After three people entered the hall, they didn't expect Rachelle to scold one of them coldly right off the bat. They all wondered who had the nerve to provoke the Mu Clan and its consummate True God.

Even Enoch was shocked when he turned around and saw Rachelle walking gracefully down the stairs.

Though he didn't know Rachelle personally, he had

eated, you say?" Harold sneered. "How many times have you lost to me? I've lost count. Do you remember?"

The look in Rachelle's eyes darkened at his words. She seemed to have remembered something before she returned the sneer. "Then I hope you can succeed this time." With the last word, she turned around and went back to her seat.

On the stairs, the top-rank True Gods from the Floating Islands, including the Mu Clan, the Dongfang Clan, the Tang Clan, and the Fang Clan, all cast hostile glares at Zen, Yan, and Harold.

Yan followed Zen quietly.

She was no longer the ignorant girl she used to be. She knew that her brother had almost died at the hands of this woman and that the latter must have already made adequate preparations. Yan knew not to underestimate her.

Harold led Zen and Yan to the stairs where they seated themselves on spots belonging to the Luo Clan. Yan leaned over and whispered, "Zen, I'm afraid they will aim at you during the debate over the Godly Ways."

To that, Zen only nodded and smiled. "Of course they will."

It wasn't the first time he had been targeted, after all. He was used to it.

"I will protect you, Zen," Yan said seriously. "Now that I am strong enough, you can follow me into the Killing Zone. If anyone dares to hurt you, I will kill them all."

Her expression was stern and unmoving.

When Zen saw the serious expression on Yan's fair and gentle face, his heart ached for her. If he had a choice, he would rather let Yan live quietly in the fairy palace instead of fighting alongside him.

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