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   Chapter 2431 Preparations

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The Sword Clan had occupied the Sunrest Tree but they didn't know the existence of the skeleton.

It would take them a long time to explore the Sunrest Tree to find the skeleton at the bottom.

Who knew how long it would take? Maybe ten or ten thousand divine eras or maybe they would never find it!

The True Gods and Holy Beings had ridden themselves of the shackles of time and become eternal creatures, but if the divine land was destroyed, all eternal beings would probably vanish in an instant!

A giant, intimidating worm suddenly emerged from the Sunrest Tree and was killed by the Holy Beings. It was very puzzling.

But by decoding the Sanskrit words, Mike and Holy Jay soon unraveled the mystery.

The giant worm was designed to allow the Sword Clan, living on the Sunrest Tree, to discover the existence of the skeleton.

When they figured out the intention of the skeleton, they learned that the inheritor whom the skeleton was looking for could only be a True God.

Moreover, this True God must have an extraordinary ability to comprehend the Truth of Godly Way.

However, the races in the divine land did not understand the Truth of Godly Way too well.

The Sword Clan thought it about long and hard before they began to hold debates over the Godly Ways.

They had to find a way to test the True Gods' comprehension of the Truth of Godly Way.

The only way for them to test the sagacious perception of the True Gods was by using the Truth Spiritual Swords. This test was actually a last-ditch attempt.

"It's a pity that the Sword Clan has wasted so much time." Harold's tone was slightly accusatory.

After all, a divine era lasted quite long.

Although the Sword Clan claimed to hold the debates over the Godly Ways over the divine eras, they had selfish motives for the inheritance of the skeleton.

They didn't want an outsider to obtain the inheritance of the skeleton.

However, the members of the Sword Clan had tried their luck countless times. None of their True Gods was qualified to obtain the inheritance of the skeleton.

The members of the Sword Clan still did what they wanted until the last debate.

On the surface of it, all of the True Gods in the divine lands could participate in the debate over the Godly Ways, and the Sword Clan welcomed all sorts of talents from various

arry the heavy load on her shoulders.

After Yan inquired about her nephew, her interest was quickly diverted to her sisters-in-law.

"Zen, how many sisters-in-law do I have now?"

"And which one do you like best?"

"Oh, wait, which one do you think is the prettiest?"

"Well... Am I prettier than them?"

Yan's bombardment of questions made Zen see stars. He didn't know how to answer them all.

By the time Zen answered her questions briefly, other members of the Sword Clan came.

Many True Gods had gathered in the main hall located in the center of the Heavenly Sword Divine City.

Elites from various powerful clans and the selected top-rank True Gods of humble birth all gathered here.

There was a buzz in the air. Most of the top-rank True Gods showed a hint of excitement.

Zen and Yan also stepped into this spacious main hall led by Harold.

The moment this trio entered, many eyes turned to them. The noise level in the hall suddenly went down.

A majority of the True Gods in this hall knew too much about Harold. Of course, they had also heard a lot about Zen.

Enoch and some top-rank True Gods were engaged in an excited conversation at one end of the hall but when he saw Yan, his eyes lit up. "Look! That's the extraordinary girl I'm talking about! I don't know which first-tier clan she's from. If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't be able to pass the second round of screening. I'll go and say hello to her. Haha!"

Enoch didn't sense the change in the atmosphere in the hall and walked straight to Yan.

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