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   Chapter 2430 Truth Of Goodwill And Malice

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As if he had expected how Marsh would react, Harold let out a long sigh. "She wasn't the one we planned on sending to join the debate over the Godly Ways. Now she is our only choice, though."

Marsh smiled bitterly and looked over at Zen. "He should be the original one, right?"

"Yes, that's right!" Harold replied with a single nod.

Marsh took a moment to look Zen up and down.

Zen had left a deep impression on Marsh back at the Astronomical Transit Day celebration.

He could tell that Nicholas had really wanted to accept Zen as his personal disciple before Zen's true identity had been revealed. Things changed greatly when that was announced.

It came down to the fact that Zen was Mike's son. Mike and Nicholas were deadly enemies.

Of course, at that time, Marsh was terribly shocked to discover Zen's identity too.

"If it were him, I'm afraid the odds would've been higher now. But as it stands, we have no other choice but to do as you say." A look of regret appeared on Marsh's face.

"With all due respect, may I ask you something?" Zen suddenly asked, without warning.

"Please, go ahead." Marsh accepted as he nodded his head.

"Why have no consummate True Gods joined in the debate? And what about Demi-holy Beings and Holy Beings? Can't you acquire the heritage on your own?" Zen asked.

Upon hearing Zen speak, both Marsh and Harold shook their heads with a bitter expression on their faces.

It was then that Marsh explained, "The debate is only popular among the True Gods from the grassroots in the divine land. Our ultimate goal is to obtain the skeleton's inheritance as well as the ability to control the entire divine land."

The Sword Clan was the first to know the skeleton's secret in the divine land.

It wasn't long after this clan had occupied the Sunrest Tree that they discovered its absolute uniqueness.

It was a rule to all that nobody was allowed to attack in the area where the Sunrest Tree was located—otherwise known as the Non-combat Zone.

If one were to peel the surface of the tree and go inside, a totally opposing area could be found. This area was known as the Sword Clan's Killing Zone.

In fact, the so-called Non-combat Zone and Killing Zone each spread outside their respective areas.

The Truth of Godly Way that emitted from the skeleton was the Truth of Goodwill and Malice.

One could be blessed with goodwill at any moment.

And in the next, they could be rained on in malice.

It was said that both goodwill and malice were based on nothing more than a single thought. It w

imself but interrupt, "It seems that the biggest conflict between my father and Nicholas was caused by this, right?"

"Yes, or at least, this is one of the reasons," said Harold, nodding his head.

"Since you've found the skeleton, then why didn't you just take it away?" Zen asked, confused.

A wry smile appeared on Marsh's face. "It's the skeleton of a warrior at the Other Shore Realm. Do you think it'll be just as easy to collect it? It is still unknown how this warrior at the Other Shore Realm died in the Sunrest Tree. What we know for sure though, is that he had a set of powerful restrictions within it. Even a Holy Being is as weak as an ant in front of such powerful restrictions. I speak from experience—I died because of the restrictions."

"What?! No way? You died?" Zen felt immediately stunned with surprise. "Aren't Holy Beings immortal?"

"You're right, we are. If the universe in the body is still present, then the Holy Being won't die. I wouldn't be here standing in front of you and talking to you had I died completely," said Marsh with a sarcastic smile. "When I died, I was only half dead. Just like your father, Mike. Thanks to the existence of the universe I created, I was capable of coming back to life."

"Since such a set of powerful restrictions are present and even a Holy Being would be killed, wouldn't ordinary True Gods be courting death if they entered such an area?" Zen asked again.

With a faint smile, Harold waved his hand at Zen and shook his head. "In fact, now that's where you're wrong. It's not that we're going to take away the skeleton's inheritance. To the contrary, it's the skeleton who is looking for the person suitable for its inheritance."

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