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   Chapter 2429 Marsh Sword

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The Sunrest Tree was the largest out of the four divine trees. Standing tall and glorious with its massive trunk, its top was easily as large as a quaint region in the divine land.

It was so humongous that the Sword Clan managed to build sixteen divine cities around the top of its trunk, a testament to its powerful size.

The Orchid Sword Divine City, the divine city where Zen participated in the second round of screening, was located on the edge of the tree trunk. He couldn't help but admire the Sunrest Tree for its otherworldly appearance. He was not a stranger to beautiful, mysterious places, but the Sunrest Tree was arguably one of the most astonishing places he'd been to. It was simply unbelievable.

Originally, after the screening, Zen should be with Enoch and the other True Gods who had passed, so they could move to the Sword Clan's ancestral land—the Heavenly Sword Divine City—together to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways, but the plans had changed.

With the sudden arrival of Harold, both Zen and Yan were permitted to go to the Heavenly Sword Divine City ahead of the other participants, because, as per the rules of the Sword Clan, all the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands were given the permission to send several disciples to join the debate without undergoing the screening process.

Being fortunate enough as their Floating Island did not fall into the Time Sea, the Luo Clan was still a big clan, so Zen and Yan could join the debate directly.

Zen soon found himself entering a palace of the Sword Clan. It was a grand and exquisite palace located in the north of the Heavenly Sword Divine City.

He lifted his gaze and studied the long historic walls with admiration.

They were filled with a series of breathtaking frescoes he'd never seen before.

The frescoes showed various pictures of a True God wielding his sword in refined but mysterious ways. Each image was different than the last, and Zen found himself immensely absorbed in studying every intricate detail he could lay his eyes on.

"This kind of swordsmanship is powerful and daunting in the divine land. But here, in this place, it's just a mural?"

Zen mumbled with a sigh, unable to pry his eyes away.

Yan sat on the steps nearby, her hands supporting her head, as she stared at her brother, who was still lost in his own world.

Meanwhile, Harold, who was standing behind Zen, said in a flat voice, "The Sword Clan is called the Sword Clan because their style of swordsmanship is unique. They have spent a lot of time and effort practicing sword skills, and no one else has ever managed to challenge them since. It's a pity that they are still too pedantic, though." He couldn't help but shake his head at the thought.

Zen blinked, turning to him. "Pedantic? What do you mean?" he asked, curious.

With a faint smile on his face, Harold answered, "The Sword Clan requires its members to be merciful. They even have the Theory on Moral Spirit to back that up. See, they are

shock, looking on at Marsh Sword with rounded eyes.


After a split second, Yan's eyes shone just as a white mist began to leak out of her.

Wisps of air formed and went around her body like a protective shell.

Then an invisible aura spread out of her, extending outward into the hall.

"The Truth of Godly Way?"

Zen had a startling realization when he felt and noticed the aura coming out of his sister.

This was not an attack meant to harm Yan. Instead, Marsh Sword was using this battle to gauge and test Yan's Truth of Godly Way.

If he would be honest, he himself had no inkling as to what kind of Truth of Godly Way his sister had cultivated.

Fortunately, he was very proficient in the Truth of Cultivation Nature, so he focused on Yan to feel and distinguish her Truth of Godly Way.

As he tried to get a read on her power, he came to an understanding that his sister had also mastered the Truth of Godly Way to a much deeper level.

One step, two steps, three steps...

With each passing second, Marsh Sword was getting closer and closer, his blade glinting in the air.


While he was still a good distance away from Yan, everyone in the hall heard the sound of cloth tearing apart. A sound so distinctive and loud despite the commotion.

There was no physical contact made, and yet it felt as if he managed to pierce through Yan's aura.

Despite the brunt of his force, Yan remained collected and closed her eyes. She cast her head low and recited something in her head.

As she finished the words in silence, her aura intensified and became more aggressive, effectively slowing down Marsh Sword's advances.

In the end, the tip of his sword stopped inches from her forehead. Sensing that the fight had concluded, Marsh Sword then stepped backward, setting his weapon aside. The blade disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He nodded and looked at Harold, saying, "She is not bad, I'd admit, but she hasn't reached the level that you have promised."

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