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   Chapter 2428 Enoch Nanlong

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Harold had promised Yan time and time again that she'd definitely see Zen in the Non-combat Zone.

It was no wonder why Yan's heart was filled with expectation.

What she hadn't expected though, was for her brother to appear in front of her in the way he did.

After having gone through the second round of screening, she was a little tired and unmotivated.

The second she saw Zen, all the fatigue, dissatisfaction, and worries in her heart had disappeared in an instant.

Once they went their separate ways in the Central Region, Yan entered the divine land with Harold.

According to the time flow rate in the universe, Zen had been separated from his sister for several decades now.

Contrastingly however, according to the time flow rate in the divine land, the two had only been away from one another for a few years.

It was in fact in these last few years that Yan had finally understood what a secondary creature and a universe meant. She had greatly matured.

In the universe, a supreme world was even larger than one thousand great worlds combined as one.

A great world and the Central Region were nothing more than a drop of water in the bucket.

In this point of view, Yan and her brother could be considered insignificant specks of dust on the drop.

No matter how insignificant they were, they couldn't simply be ignored. What happened instead was that they were so tiny that they couldn't be noticed and were less taken seriously by others at all.

As soon as Harold took notice of her, Yan was directly brought from the Central Region to the divine land.

As for her brother, he still resembled the almost invisible dust.

Despite that, he constantly struggled throughout the universe, steadily becoming stronger and stronger, growing sturdily and barbarously, and experiencing countless trials and tribulations between life and death. Alongside the unimaginable difficulty, he finally stood before her.

She had waited too long for this day to come true.


Yan's tiptoes tapped together lightly, and her light body slid toward Zen. She threw herself into his arms and snuggled her face into the crook of his shoulder.

Tears gushed out from the corners of Yan's eyes, instantly wetting Zen's robe.

Yan kept sobbing, but couldn't manage to utter a single word.

Zen gently patted her on the head and comforted her in a soft voice, "It isn't easy for me to come here. You know that. Why are you crying?"


sfully become a Holy Being and would eventually build a Floating Island above the Time Sea.

Therefore, standing before Zen and his sister, Enoch felt very confident. Of course, introductions were still mandatory.

However, Zen and Yan were both estranged here in the divine land.

This was the first time that Yan had left the Everest Spirit Mountain after entering the divine land. She knew only little about the powerhouses and the forces of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands. Aside from that, she knew nothing about the divine land.

When Zen had arrived in the divine land, it hadn't been long since he had gained a superficial understanding of the forces through cursory observation, and he had never heard of the Nanlong Clan. However, as Enoch had said, his father was a Demi-holy Being, and thus, Zen had to show his respect, at the very least.

"You're welcome," Zen replied faintly before grasping onto his sister's arm and dragging Yan away.

Instead, Yan turned her head and smiled back at Enoch. "Don't be so stupid next time. That way, you won't need my help!"

Enoch stood his ground and stared at Yan's bright smile.

As he stood, the two approached a consummate True God.

'That consummate True God is probably an elder of their clan. The two of them shouldn't be from a clan with no mark, ' Enoch thought to himself.

No matter what, Yan had already successfully passed the second round of screening.

Her brother was merely a low-rank True God and he therefore wouldn't join the debate over the Godly Ways.

Enoch thought he'd still have a chance of meeting with Yan face to face in the debate.

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