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   Chapter 2426 The Captain Of The Ship

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The three elders no longer doubted Zen.

"Mikail wandered all over the divine land and did many good deeds. He unexpectedly died in a supreme treasure of belief," Bill lamented.

All three of them looked extremely aggrieved.

The Sword Clan had a good reputation due to their benevolence.

It was rare for the members of their clan to get into conflict with others. They were upstanding and helped whenever they could, especially if someone was being bullied.

Back when Mikail was stabbed by the Spear of Time and was at the edge of death, he still reminded Zen to be careful with his residual consciousness. This did not benefit Mikail but helped Zen avoid the danger.

He was truly benevolent.

"Thank you for bringing back Mikail's bones," Clifford told Zen with sincerity.

"I should really be thanking Master Mikail," Zen replied.

After Ivan carefully collected the skeleton, Zen said, "I'd like to ask for your help."

Bill looked at Zen. "What can we do for you?"

"Harold Yu, a consummate True God of my clan, is also participating in the debate over Godly Ways. I don't know where he is right now, but if you manage to hear any news about him, can you tell me?" Zen asked.

Bill, Clifford, and Ivan looked at each other and smiled.

"It's no big deal. No matter which city he appears in, we will inform you immediately," Bill affirmed with a nod.

As he spoke, an emerald bird flew over them. It circled the beams and landed on his hand.

Clasped between the bird's feet was a jade slip that Bill took and crushed.

The moment the jade slip was pulverized, a wisp of consciousness immediately poured into his mind.

He was taken aback for a moment before laughing out loud. "What a coincidence! It's a letter from the Sword Casting Divine City."

Zen's heart skipped a beat. "Harold has already passed the first round of screening with a girl. That girl managed to obtain seventeen swords in the first round," Bill announced.


Zen exclaimed, his eyes flashing with a brilliant light.

According to Hallet, Harold must participate in the debate.

However, this wasn't an assured thing.

This piece of news

ace, this debate held by the Sword Clan was to study the limits of the Godly Ways, decipher Sanskrit words, argue about the meanings of the Godly Ways, and discuss the Truth of Godly Way.

These were what attracted countless True Gods in participating.

However, these things were impossible to solve. Not even Holy Beings would be able to do so.

So what exactly was the true purpose for this event?

Harold was quiet for a moment but there was a decisive look in his eyes when he opened his mouth again to speak. "You're right. There is another purpose. The true goal of the Sword Clan is to obtain that skeleton," Harold replied frankly.

Zen's eyes flashed. "You mean that skeleton of the powerhouse at the Other Shore Realm?"

"It seems Hallet already told you about this," Harold remarked appreciatively.

"It might also be Joy," Zen said but he couldn't deny the excitement in his eyes. At least what he knew was beyond Harold's expectations.

Hearing this, Harold merely shook his head. "Women aren't interested in these things at all."

With that, he reached out and cast a faint light curtain over him and Zen. There were just some things that weren't for other people's ears, even the Sword Clan's.

"What is the identity of that skeleton?" Zen asked.

Harold pointed to the sky. "The captain of the ship," he said, his finger also dropping and pointing to the ground. "The captain of the entire divine land."

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