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   Chapter 2425 Return Mikail's Skeleton

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The dark-skinned man who had been following Zen all this time also had an outstanding performance.

With his knowledge and experience, it was possible that he could pass the fifth stage of the Killing Zone.

Unfortunately, he still lagged behind Zen in the fourth stage.

All of a sudden, huge, blood red lizards began to crawl out from the cracks in the fourth stage. They spewed out large amounts of venom in random moments. Although the tree hole in the Killing Zone was very wide, the venom swept through it like a storm.

Zen, however, was not afraid of the venom.

The dark-skinned man, on the other hand, had no other choice but to hide.

He got hit by a little bit of venom and lay paralyzed on the ground. As he lay there, the venomous lizards slowly crawled towards him.

Zen took this opportunity to turn around and use his strength source to form an invisible sharp sword, slicing the Sword Card beside the man into pieces.

Luckily, the man found safety after he was enveloped by the light falling from the top of the tree hole. A fierce, bright light flashed in his eyes as he watched Zen leave so gracefully.

Along with Zen, there were four True Gods who managed to pass the fifth stage.

Among them were three top-rank True Gods.

Being able to pass the second round of screening gave them a chance to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways.

Therefore, once they left the Killing Zone, they were in high spirits. This was a chance that many True Gods didn't even have the opportunity to see.

But as usual, Zen remained calm.

Just then, three gray lights shot over from somewhere nearby. They were the three consummate True Gods of the Sword Clan: Bill, Ivan and Clifford.

"Hello, elders!"

The three top-rank True Gods were extremely flattered seeing the three consummate True Gods of the Sword Clan at the same time.

But for some reason, the three consummate True Gods didn't look at them at all. Instead, they all were hooked on Zen.

"You are Zen Luo, right?" Bill asked Zen, giving him a good, hard stare.


Zen's heart sank in the slightest, but he nodded calmly anyway.

He didn't use his alias when he came to the Sword Clan this time.

This was because the Non-combat Zone was not as dangerous as he had thought for it to be.

Perhaps the Sword Clan had their own ways to kill, such as using the Killing Zo

l, Zen flashed and arrived at a corner of the desert.

Mikail's skeleton, which was stabbed by the Spear of Time, was lying alone in the windy, gloomy desert.

He reached out his hand and with a light wave, the skeleton flew right over with him. He then took the skeleton back to the Sword Clan through the time path.

"Is this... Is this Mikail's skeleton?" The faces of Clifford and Bill fell to the ground. They were speechless at the sight of the corpse.

Ivan took a deep breath. The surface of the skeleton was covered with spots and cracks, as if Mikail died many years ago.

Given Mikail's cultivation, his corpse would have undergone a long period of time before it gradually became decadent. Why did it look so rotten after only a few years?

"Yes, he was hit by a Spear of Time," said Zen. "I entered the world of the jade seal a little later than Master Mikail, and when I met him, he had become what he is now." Zen wanted to be as honest as possible. Seeing that Ivan was indistinctly doubtful, he continued on to explain, "If you don't believe me, you can try to inquire about Troy's injury. He was also unexpectedly stabbed by a Spear of Time. When I met Master Mikail, I took three Space-striking Rings from his hand. If it weren't for these rings, I wouldn't have gotten this jade seal in the first place."

The three consummate True Gods looked at Mikail's right hand. As the highest honor of the Sword Clan, the Space-striking Ring was indeed something that they had to take with them all the time. As Zen had said, the rings were gone from Mikail's fingers.

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