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   Chapter 2423 Ivan And Clifford

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Zen flashed a satisfied smile when he saw the light appear from the top of the wall.

'It turns out that this is how the Sword Clan saves people, ' he thought.

It made sense. The Sword Clan wouldn't send people to save the fighters in the Killing Zone. If too many top-rank True Gods were in danger, the Sword Clan wouldn't be able to save all of them.

Despite that, the Sword Clan had devised a simple method to save them.

They directly pierced the wall above the head of the contender who was in danger and released the aura from the Non-combat Zone. Once the aura had surrounded the injured True God, those beetles wouldn't be able to attack again.

There was a loud noise when the top of the cave was broken through. Then a member of the Sword Clan jumped down from above and seized the top-rank True God before leaving in the same fashion.

That True God had been lucky, but not all of them could be saved.

Just as Bill said, there was a risk of dying in the Killing Zone.

A black beetle popped out from his side when a top-rank True God flew in the air. Then, the beetle's sharp horn pierced through his head and nailed him to the wall of the cave.

The man fell silently on the ground despite the pain. Of course, he also didn't have a chance to break the Sword Card before he was killed.

All of the True Gods who saw the scene felt a chill run down their spine. Therefore, they were left with no other choice but to move even faster and outrun the beetles as fast as they could.

"These beetles are really troublesome," Zen muttered.

Just then, his gaze froze slightly as he ran forward.

According to the information he got, he would be able to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways after he passed the second round of screening.

If everything went according to what Hallet had said, Harold would definitely be present in the debate venue with Yan!

He actually wasn't interested in the debate over the Godly Ways, but he had to go through this round of screening because he wanted to see Yan.


Once again, he turned into a beam of light and sped away.


When he had run over ten miles, he heard a humming sound above his head.

A breeze flew over his head when he sharply turned around almost on reflex.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

More than ten black light beams suddenly flew towards him!

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

At th

ders of the Sword Clan.

The other one was an old man with a sinister appearance and an indifferent expression. He was also one of the elders of the Sword Clan, and his name was Ivan Sword.

"Has the second round of screening begun?" Clifford Sword asked with a smile as he stepped on the round platform. Ivan Sword, however, did not feel the same cheeriness.

"Humph! It's stupid to place hope on these warriors!" he said coldly. "This is just the first group of True Gods participating in the second round of screening.

This time, the number of True Gods who will join the second round will be several times more than those of the previous ones. I believe that there will be more elites who will pass the screening test," Bill said happily.

"It won't change even if the number of elites is a hundred times larger. The elites from a group of trash are still trash," Ivan Sword spat out.

Even if he was ill-tempered, Bill seemed to be familiar with his attitude and did not look bothered at all.

"Is there any warrior with better performance within the first group of ten thousand True Gods?" Ivan Sword still asked despite his disdain.

Bill shook his head as if he was in frustration. "No. None of them performed well."

"I knew it! They are all garbage!" Ivan Sword sniggered.

Bill's lips curved up into a playful smile. "But I've found an interesting little fellow among them!" he announced.

It was known that only a handful of people were able to attract Bill's interest.

Therefore, Clifford Sword and Ivan Sword immediately perked up and asked almost simultaneously, "Who is that?"

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