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   Chapter 2422 Black Beetles

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The vicious vines attacked all the True Gods, including Zen.

The vines attacked like nimble snakes, wreathing and slithering towards Zen.


Zen couldn't fly and escape like the top-rank True Gods, so he could rely only on his agile body to keep away from them.

Seeing the vines approach him rapidly, he twisted himself and shot towards the side of the cave.

But the vines seemed to have eyes as they quickly changed their direction and followed Zen. They twisted and overlapped with each other to form a net and completely block Zen's escape.

"Swish! Swish!"

At the same time, another seven or eight vines extended from the ground below and obstructed Zen's exit from all sides.

"Like I said, low-rank True Gods such as yourself, come here looking for death," sneered the dark-skinned man as he floated above.

In the Killing Zone, there was no restraint and the top-rank True Gods naturally had a better advantage.

Their strength was not only far greater than that of the average mid-rank and low-rank True Gods, but they could even fly freely.

That was why, in the second round of screening, almost ninety percent of the candidates were top-rank True Gods and a very meagre number formed the mid-rank True Gods.

Zen was the only low-rank True God among them. Everyone was already astounded to witness this.

Zen barely flinched even after hearing the man's words. With a single tap of his toe, he transformed into a sharp arrow and shot forward.

"Why throw yourself into the net so soon? Losing already?"

The man smirked, as he thought that Zen had given up.

The vines, as the spiritual roots of the Sunrest Tree, were impossible to destroy. From what the man witnessed in the many debates that he took part in, those who were trapped by the vines were all knocked out, and were powerless to cut the vines by themselves.

Sometime back, a True God who was trapped by these vines did not crumb the Sword Card to seek the help of the Sword Clan. In the end, he was strangled to death by the vines!

Therefore, once the True Gods were trapped by the vines, they would immediately crumb their Sword Cards and quit the second round of screening. That was the only way to escape one's death.

There would be other chances to take part in the debate over the Godly Ways,

r, under the aura of the Killing Zone, thousands pairs of compound eyes emitted bright red lights and charged towards the numerous True Gods.

"Go to hell!"

Not far ahead of Zen, a top-rank True God was covered in a layer of lightning.

This top-rank True God was practicing the Thunderstorm Godly Way. His body was covered by numerous beams of thunderstorms. With his hair standing up, he looked like an angry god of thunder.

The lightning snakes rushed towards the black beetles one after another and exploded on their shells.

However, these beetles seemed to be completely unharmed by the lightning effect. Instead, they spread out their wings, turned into black lights, and rushed towards the top-rank True God at an alarming speed!

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Even though that top-rank True God had transformed into lightening and moved extremely fast, he still couldn't escape from the attacks of the dozens of black beetles as they swarmed up.


Through their tentacles, they jabbed into the body of that top-rank True God and pinned him to one side of the tree hole.

In a moment of desperation, the True God broke the Sword Card in his hand.

Perhaps it was because those black beetles were very dangerous, the reaction of the Sword Clan was extremely fast. Suddenly a gap appeared at the top of wall. A light from outside the tree hole quietly shone on the True God.

All of the black beetles had been very aggressive a moment ago and wanted to kill the True God, but now they simply walked away from him.

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