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   Chapter 2421 Zen's Identity

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The Sword Clan was a relatively peaceful race in the divine land.

At the very least, they rarely caused any disputes in the divine land.

Despite the fact they were the second-ranked clan, they had no use for violence. They were very devout in their belief of kindness.

They expected every member to cultivate his or her mind to not kill indiscriminately or be bloodthirsty. Therefore, the clansmen were extremely humble and righteous. beings.

However, those who knew the Sword Clan knew of the terrifying strength hidden behind the humble exterior.

"It's not uncommon for members of the Sword Clan to die when they cultivate in the Killing Zone. You must not force yourselves. If you cannot hold on, crush the Sword Card in your hands, and our clan members will rescue you." Bill glanced at the crowd and waved his hand, adding, "Remember, in the Killing Zone your killing intents will be ignited, but you cannot kill each other. If you attempt to do so, the Sword Clan will not be kind. Does everyone understand?"

Paying little heed to the warning, the large group of True Gods charged into the Killing Zone.

The dark-skinned man glared coldly at Zen before entering.

Zen walked unhurriedly to the back of the queue.

As Bill watched them enter the zone, an emerald bird spiraled down from the sky toward him.

A small jade slip hung from its feet.

Bill stretched out his hand, and the bird perched atop his wrinkled finger.

"Tweet, tweet, tweet!"

it chirped.

A look of doubt appeared on Bill's face as he unbuttoned the jade slip. "Hayden's letter? The kid has just taken office as the lord of the Famous Sword Divine City and no longer caused any trouble. He has been quiet for the past few days. What could the letter be about?"


Bill crushed the jade slip in his palm, and a flash of thought flew out.

"How could this be? Someone in the Famous Sword Divine City has got twenty-three swords?"

It was rare for someone of the Sword Clan to be able to get twenty-three swords.

"His name is Zen Luo. Zen Luo..."

Bill murmured the name several times.

"I'm sure I've heard this name somewhere before..."

Bill's eyes popped open in surprise moments later.

"The man who holds the number 940

four great divine trees, three wouldn't attack any living beings on their own, especially the Sunrest Tree.

If warriors cultivated on the Sunrest Tree, they'd be able to feel its strong life energy. Under its nourishment, the warriors could promote their cultivation speed immensely.

Because of this, Zen watched many of the Sword Clan members stab their swords into the tree to cultivate.

But as this was the Killing Zone, some parts of the Sunrest Tree were affected by the Truth of Godly Way. This area was extremely dangerous.

Countless vines spread at an incredible speed, and almost instantaneously a majority of the True Gods were ensnared.

"Whish! Whish!"

A scream caught Zen's attention.

A short distance from Zen, a top-rank True God's feet were tightly wrapped up in the vines. Suddenly, seven to eight vines curled around him so tightly that no matter how hard he tried, he could not escape.

The more the top-rank True God struggled, the stronger the vines became. In no time, a crunching sound came from him. The vines had snapped his bones.


Now desperate, the top-rank True God had no choice but to break the Sword Card. He did not dare move anymore. Realizing their prey was still, the vines stopped moving and didn't get any tighter.

Zen frowned at the scene before him, but the sound of rustling overhead caught his attention. Several vines, like the tentacles of an octopus, formed a complicated net and came at him from different directions.

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