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   Chapter 2420 The Killing Zone

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There were only few True Gods in the divine land that had the chance to see the Truth of Godly Way.

However, it didn't stop the many legends of the Truth of Godly Way.

The most interested were the True Gods who came to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways and passed the first round of screening.

There were various reasons why these True Gods, who were all originally extremely talented people, still made no breakthroughs in their cultivation.

It took a lot of resources to consummate a True God and it was extremely difficult even for the powerful clans on the Floating Islands. If they didn't have other chances, they might never be able to become consummate True Gods.

The ethereal Truth of Godly Way was their life saver.

If one could fully understand a Truth of Godly Way, they would be able to cross the Godly Way and reach the other shore. It was the complete comprehension of the ultimate mysteries of the world.

Various rumors had spread among the True Gods.

Later on, many opinions were formed about the Truth of Godly Way.

Through sheer coincidence, there had been a few True Gods who managed to decipher one or two sentences of the abridged versions of the Truth of Godly Way. They all claimed that they were enchanted and felt wonderful as they read.

But a few words were nothing but a glance at the end of the Godly Ways. It wasn't any help but was a deadly temptation.

A solid proof of the Truth of Godly Way was the Non-combat Zone, a special existence in the Sunrest Tree Region.

Neither the Holy Beings nor the consummate True Gods could afford to ignore the Truth of Godly Way contained within.

The Sword Clan took advantage of the True Gods' intense yearning for the place to hold a debate over the Godly Ways every few years.

Many True Gods who studied Sanskrit words would participate in the debate, but most of them couldn't pass the first round of screening.

Even more candidates were eliminated in the second

en if he was being ignored, the man kept muttering by Zen's ear and no one understood why he was especially pressuring Zen.

"Stop talking crap!"

Zen frowned and rebuked loudly.

The crowd quieted down as they all suddenly stopped and looked at Zen and the man.

Even Bill, who was leading the way, turned around to frown at them and said, "Please keep quiet."

Zen shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything more.

But the man felt quite embarrassed.

If it had been outside of the Non-combat Zone, he would have killed Zen immediately. But the moment his killing intention formed, it had instantly dissipated due to the invisible force from the Non-combat Zone.

In the end, he could only glare at Zen without saying anything.

They followed a downward path under Bill's lead and they stopped at a dark entrance.

As he stood at the entrance, Bill said, "This is where the Sword Clan cultivates. It's well known that we built the Non-combat Zone because we cherish lives but no one knows that we can also sacrifice lives. This is the Killing Zone."

The Truth of Godly Way that enveloped the whole Non-combat Zone was exceptionally extreme.

The True Gods couldn't even fight with each other in areas covered by that aura.

But the opposite side of the Non-combat Zone was the Killing Zone.

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