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   Chapter 2419 Second Round Of Screening

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Zen had been running for so long that he couldn't remember how many miles he had covered on this root.

The root cut right smack in the middle of a large sea. At time, glimmers of the other roots could be seen faintly in the distance.

As he continued his way deeper and deeper along the root, the surrounding scenery became paler and paler.

On his way, he occasionally met a few True Gods. They wasted no more time than that of glancing at each other before rushing forward in a hurry.

Seven days later, things began to change.

The root, at least ten thousand feet wide, now gathered on a wider branch.

More and more members of the Sword Clan gathered here on this branch.

Every hundred miles or so, Zen would meet one or two True Gods of the Sword Clan.

The True Gods of Sword Clan sat upright on the branch's edge, while stabbing their long swords into it. They closed their eyes as if they were comprehending something.

'Could this be the Sword Clan members' unique way of cultivating?' he wondered to himself.

While running, Zen eyed the Sword Clan's True Gods closely.

All of them appeared to be in a meditative state, indifferent to everything around them. Most importantly, no one paid any attention to Zen whatsoever.

Four more days of journey passed.

It was only then that Zen saw a wider branch.

'It's no wonder that the Non-combat Zone is called the Sunrest Tree Region. The Sunrest Tree alone is extremely huge, if not boundless. I've been running for more than ten days at such a high speed, but I still can't seem to reach the tree's trunk, ' he thought.

This time, the length of the branch was even longer—at least twice as long, in fact. It had taken him nearly half a month to continue travelling incredibly fast along this branch.

A month later, Zen finally arrived at the end of the branch.

Surprisingly, what appeared in front of him was a brown plain.

Moreover, countless sword-shaped buildings stood on the surface of the brown plain. The plain appeared endless.

'Just how huge is this Sunrest Tree anyway?' Zen thought to himself.

He was suddenly faced with the idea that his imagination simply wouldn't suffice.

After running for over a month, he finally got close to the Sunrest Tree's trunk. Alas, his objective! That said, the trunk was equally huge and boundless beyond imagination, just like the rest before.

Two Sword Clan members in white robes were standing not far ahead. Both of them were top-rank True Gods.

A few True Gods were standing in line, waiting for something from the two Sword Clan members. They had expectant looks on their faces.

Just like Zen, it

hall fell silent aside from a few whispers.

"A consummate True God!" someone hushed under their breath.

"It's a Sword Clan's consummate True God!" someone else whispered.


There were very few True Gods who would ever reach such level of consummation in the divine land.

Even in the first-tier clans, not many of them actually had a consummate True God.

The Sword Clan was still the second-ranked clan among the powerful clans on the Floating Islands. It wasn't strange that a consummate True God had appeared here in the Sunrest Tree Region.

"Thank you all for walking thousands of miles or more in order to come to our Sunrest Tree Region. Sorry to keep you waiting for me," the old man said as he cupped his hands toward the crowd.

The consummate True God spoke in a courteous manner, which made the group of True Gods feel flattered and comfortable.

"Since you were capable of passing the first round of the Sword Clan's selection, you are very sensitive to Truth Spiritual Swords," the old man continued. "But our Sword Clan only has a few places vacant, and thus by convention, we must hold the second round of screening! If any of you can pass the second round of screening, then you will be considered indispensable at this year's debate over the Godly Ways!"

When the True Gods present heard the old man's words, their eyes suddenly lit up and opened wide. Their mood equally perked up.

Most of these True Gods were elites from the first or second-tier clans.

If they could join the debate over the Godly Ways, they would be capable of competing with the major clans' elites. Additionally, it was more likely that they would comprehend a hint of the Truth of Godly Way.

This was an opportunity no True God could ignore.

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