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   Chapter 2418 A Faint Light

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As he lay on the ground, Rufus convulsed for a long period of time before he came back to his senses.

Fortunately for him, the Red Fire Thunder hadn't hurt him severely, but the pain it caused was enough for him to remember it for a lifetime.

As he watched the scene, Rudolf only grew more and more furious. Their Wang Clan was one of the first-tier clans in the Sunrest Tree Region. They had never suffered such loss before.

He had the burning desire to argue with Zen, but was stopped by Hayden.

"This is our fault. If you really want to blame it, then you can only blame the array for its omission," Hayden said, keeping his calm.

Faced with the Famous Sword Divine City's acting leader, Rudolf was helpless. He could do nothing but glare at Zen angrily before turning his head in the opposite direction.

After dealing with the two brothers of the Wang Clan, Hayden said to Zen with a smile, "Congratulations! You're the first True God to get all the Truth Spiritual Swords in the history of the Famous Sword Divine City."

"Do you actually have a reward for me?" Zen asked flatly, as he stared at Hayden.

"Ha-ha!" A look of triumph appeared on Hayden's face. "Of course, you won't receive any true reward. All this means that you'll be capable of walking further on the Sunrest Tree. What's more, I'll be your recommender and thus issue a letter of recommendation in your name. I believe that the elders of Sword Clan will pay special attention to you."

Zen wasn't disappointed to hear such a statement.

In his current situation, it was only normal that he wanted to seize every opportunity he possibly could.

"Can I get onto the Sunrest Tree right now?" Zen looked at the west gate in the opposite direction, not far away.

Nodding his head, Hayden made way for Zen and stepped aside. "Of course, please, just head that way!"


A True God in a white robe opened the west gate for him at once.

Zen nodded at Hayden and Marley before walking off toward the west gate.

"City Lord, don't mind if I ask, but why didn't you investigate his background and identity?" A look of confusion appeared on Marley's face as he watched Zen's gradually receding figure.

Listening to Marley, Hayden smiled slightly. Then he said, "Such a fellow is destined to be somebody. I'd bet that he is most likely the son of a Holy Being. Or at the very least, a Demi-holy Being's son."

"A Holy Being's or a Demi-holy Being's son?" Marley felt somewhat puzzled. "If s


Yan exclaimed with a relaxed face as she jumped next to Harold.

"Do you still have a little strength left in you?" Harold asked, with a slight smile curling at his lips.

Yan thought for a while, pouted her lips and said, "Well, I should be capable of obtaining the rest of the swords as well, but to do that, I'll surely suffer to no end."

As she spoke, the True Gods who were still waiting in line fell speechless.

Harold responded with nothing more than a brief smile; he knew what Yan had said was true.

"Harold, you told me that my brother would come!" Yan said seriously and accusingly, as she stared at Harold.

Upon hearing her words, Harold turned his head back to look at the slowly opening gate. At that very moment, the Sunrest Tree appeared in front of him. "He will. Maybe he's already on the Sunrest Tree," he replied.

"Then I must hurry up!"

Yan dashed over to the gate like an agile rabbit, without a second's hesitation.

Despite her confidence, a hint of worry revealed itself on Harold's face.

Zen didn't go to the Everest Spirit Mountain, which disturbed Harold's overall plan.

Now that he was unable to give Zen what was left by Mike, he placed all the pressure on Yan.

Just like playing chess, one false move would lead to a series of problems. In particular, Mike's situation wasn't an optimistic one, and Harold couldn't allow any mistakes to be made.

Even if Harold could calculate everything with his Evolution Godly Way, no clues were uncovered.

'This time, no mistake is allowed to be made during the debate over Godly Ways held by the Sword Clan!' he thought to himself determinedly.

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