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   Chapter 2417 Accidental Injury

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With Zen's current speed, it was impossible to completely dodge the rain of swords coming straight at him.

If he used the jade seal, however, he'd be capable of dodging the rain of swords with ease. After all, those bugs could devour an entire period of time in which Zen was invincible.

It was only natural that Zen wasn't quite so willing to make use of the jade seal that easily.

Another technique that he could rely on in this moment was the Truth of Cultivation Nature, of course.

Originally, he didn't want to use the Truth of Godly Way now.

Needless to say, having come this far, he definitely wasn't going to give up this early.

As soon as this thought came to his mind, Zen began to make his move. Less than a second later, a tiny strand of Truth of Godly Way began slowly circling around his body.

The Truth of Godly Way wasn't a cultivation method, but a deep understanding of the Godly Way instead.

If the Truth of Godly Way was combined with any other cultivation method, it would thus have a very magical and unique effect.

In fact, Zen had already tested this himself before.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!" Zen roared at once.

After summoning just a hint of Truth of Godly Way, Zen flew backward with might.

Right then, he looked like he had no bones in his body whatsoever, as if he were a slowly flowing liquid!

Even though the flying swords were coming at him extremely fast and were densely packed, they did not form an inescapable wall, after all.

Directly from the rain of the swords, Zen penetrated out in a very weird gesture.

On the one hand, if someone were to stand within the magic array at this very moment, they'd see that Zen's body had contorted, like a fried dough twist, in a completely inhuman shape.

On the other hand though, in the eyes of people outside the magic array, there was nothing unusual with this scene.

"I can see it!"

A satisfied smile appeared on Zen's face as he shouted aloud. He identified the Truth Spiritual Sword from the rain of swords and removed it immediately.

Now that Zen had already used the Truth of Godly Way, he no longer hesitated when doing so again.

He didn't even search for a place to avoid the rain of swords. After fusing the Truth of Godly Way with the Eight Smoky Melodies, he resembled a fish swimming through water, freely shuttling through the rain of swords. Thanks to the combination of techniques, his speed of grabbing the Truth Spiritual Swords had increased ten-fold, at least.

Hayden and Marley were pretty convinced that Zen would only be capable of retrieving seventeen Truth Spir

gs on both sides of the street.


One of the Truth Spiritual Swords was nailed to the west entrance's thick wooden gate, and the sword's blade shook continuously.


As they screeched at the top of their lungs, two True Gods were stabbed by the swords.

One of these two True Gods was Rufus Wang, who was the closest to Zen.

From his position on his stomach, Hayden glanced at the True Gods who had been stabbed, and he let out a sigh of relief. Neither of them was hit in their vital parts.

As soon as he let out his sigh of relief, he noticed Rufus Wang, who was lying on the ground, rolling over. He shrank himself into a ball, screaming madly, his face distorted and he looked to be in an extremely horrible state.

"Brother!" Rudolf Wang, Rufus Wang's younger brother, didn't expect his brother to be in such pain. He hurried over and glared at Zen before he began to check on his brother.

"It's the Red Fire Thunder..." A helpless expression appeared on Hayden's face.

The eighteenth to twenty-third Truth Spiritual Swords had the nature with the illusory swords in the magic array. In other words, this meant that they possessed the Red Fire Thunder. Touching the sword in the magic array was alright, but now that the sword had hit Rufus Wang, it had released the Red Fire Thunder.

Now that the Red Fire Thunder had penetrated into his body, Rufus Wang would undoubtedly have a hard time.

Zen, on the other hand, stood at the edge of the magic array, still a little stunned.

As soon as he came out, he saw the Truth Spiritual Swords shooting out, and he felt as though he was at a loss.

When he came to his senses, the first thing he noticed were the two True Gods lying on the ground.

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