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   Chapter 2416 Zen's Limit

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Updated: 2020-01-31 02:23

Hayden's face lit up in excitement and anticipation.

The very moment that Zen had entered the city, he could already sense that Zen was an extraordinary person.

Yet he had never expected that Zen would collect the fourteen Truth Spiritual Swords with such ease.

He had good knowledge of the arrangement of the Truth Spiritual Swords.

It was reasonably easy to get the first three Truth Spiritual Swords, but the fourth to ninth ones were quite tricky to obtain.

As for the tenth to seventeenth Truth Spiritual Swords, the difficulty was a whole different level altogether!

The last time Hayden had attempted to collect them, he had gotten hit simultaneously by three long swords while going for the tenth Truth Spiritual Sword. Then he had blacked out and gotten kicked out of the array.

His personal best as of today was still only nine Truth Spiritual Swords.

Zen had already obtained fourteen Swords, and it didn't seem hard for him to get seventeen.

Among the eighty-seven divine cities in the Sunrest Tree Region, very few True Gods were able to grab seventeen Truth Spiritual Swords.

'This guy... He would be perfect to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways!

If he could participate in the debate, then my authority as the new city lord would be guaranteed and I would be able to ask my uncle for some rewards.'

As Hayden was lost in his thoughts, Marley walked up to him and asked, "How's it going?"

Marley had been busy with some personal affairs, thus the late arrival. He too was very curious about the performance of the young True God who had just arrived the day before.

"See for yourself!" Hayden pointed at the direction of the array happily.

Marley had expected Zen's performance to be above average. At the very least, he should be able to pass the test of the array. But if Zen couldn't even get the qualification to get onto the Sunrest Wood, then he would have to admit that he had overestimated Zen.

As his eyes followed the direction of Hayden's finger, the expression on his face froze.

He saw Zen taking two steps forward and one step backward before a Truth Spiritual Sword floated up and joined the other swords which fanned out and spiraled around him.

"What? He managed to grab so many?" Marley shouted with disbelief when he finally got over his


Amongst the rain of swords along the road, there were flashes of red lightning, and the speed of these swords seemed to be boosted even more compared to the previous ones.


Before he could reach the blind spot ahead, he was hit by a Truth Spiritual Sword.


As he was penetrated by the long sword, Zen felt an unbearable pain in his soul. In a flash, he felt that his head was about to explode. The pain almost reached the depths of his soul, and was absolutely unbearable.

His strong willpower seemed to disappear in the face of such pain.

Even so, Zen fought through the intense pain and struggled towards the blind spot. His body shook uncontrollably.

"What the hell is that?"

After making sure that his soul was unhurt, Zen took a closer look at the red swords and couldn't help but shout.

Hayden and Marley observed Zen's trembling body and smiled at each other in anticipation.

After a long while, the pain deep in his soul slowly disappeared. Then he looked back at the Truth Spiritual Swords with an intense look.

He had planned to grab all the Truth Spiritual Swords with the same speedy method, but he finally realized that it would be no easy feat.

If he got stabbed by the swords another three times, he would definitely black out.

"Should I give up?" he wondered.

He knew that he had done well enough and had far exceeded the requirements of entering the Sunrest Wood.

But as he looked at the Truth Spiritual Swords shuttling back and forth, he was overcome by his stubbornness.

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