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   Chapter 2415 The Skill

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Hayden had told Zen that catching three Truth Spiritual Swords meant that he had passed the test.

And now, there was a fork in the path.

Previously, after Rufus had caught four Truth Spiritual Swords, he had known that he couldn't catch the fifth one and had voluntarily withdrawn.

"Should I go out?"

Zen hesitated for a while. He didn't need to prove anything here.

But the test might determine how far he would go on the Sunrest Tree, although Hayden hadn't told him clearly.

Yan's face appeared in his mind.

If Harold brought her into the Non-combat Zone, would she enter the core of the Sunrest Tree just like the disciples of powerful clans, or climb up through a divine city, step by step?

As he thought this, Zen smiled and continued on his way.

He had barely taken a step forward when more swords rose from both sides of the path and attacked him.

Zen remained calm.

Before he knew it, more swords came stabbing at him.

Zen frowned. As he walked further and further along the path, the pain that the long swords brought to him seemed to intensify.

This meant that the rest of the path would get more difficult with each stretch.

The pain was unbearable, and directly affected the soul with the power of the array.

After being stabbed several times, Zen's body leaned sideways, his eyes fixed on one particular long sword. With a gentle flick of his hand, he grabbed a Truth Spiritual Sword from among the swords.

"It has been a painful experience, trying to get the fourth sword. And Hayden, only a mid-rank True God, had actually obtained nine Truth Spiritual Swords."

Zen looked at the path that extended into the distance, and saw the numerous swords on both sides. He knew that even if his ability to endure pain was extremely great, he would not be able to withstand it in the end.

Outside the array...

"He has gotten the fourth sword," said Hayden, as he looked at Zen in the array with a smile on his face.

He had deliberately not made the rules clear.

He hadn't given Zen the chance to stay in contact with others, nor had he allowed him to understand the rules.

In fact, the result of taking thre

gling, wanting to break free.

"Why are these Truth Spiritual Swords rejecting him so strongly?"

"That can't be true. The Truth Spiritual Swords don't have their own consciousness. They just have a little more Truth of Godly Way than ordinary treasures."

"Could it be that different kinds of Truth of Godly Way repel each other? In other words, has this person practiced another kind of Truth of Godly Way? I've heard about this!"

A True God in a white robe came to this conclusion.

"That's impossible. You think too highly of him," another white-robed True God said, denying this theory unhesitatingly. "For the Truth Spiritual Swords to repel him, he has to cultivate another Truth of Godly Way to an extremely high level."

There were very few True Gods in the divine land who were qualified enough to cultivate the Truth of Godly Way.

A few True Gods of humble birth had cultivated the Truth of Godly Way by chance, but they usually knew just a few words. It was rare for even True Gods from powerful clans on the Floating Islands to cultivate the Truth of Godly Way to a certain level.

"I have no idea either," another white-robed True God said, his eyes fixed on the array. "The man has gotten the fourteenth Truth Spiritual Sword! The city lord must be overjoyed."

The fourteen Truth Spiritual Swords formed a fan and circled slowly around Zen as they groaned. It sounded like a bunch of swords groaning mournfully.

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