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   Chapter 2413 Jump The Queue

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Looking at the True God's behavior, all the other True Gods present around burst into laughter.

He was thoroughly embarrassed, when he saw their reaction. Glaring at them, he quickly walked away.

He waited for a long time, but in the end, he took only a step forward. At this rate, no one would ever be happy.

Zen's gaze was fixed at the array made of long swords on the ground. He looked at it for a while, but did not find anything special about it.

He knew that the debate over the Godly Ways in the Sword Clan must have something to do with the Truth of Godly Way. But when he looked at the exhibition of the swords, he didn't feel any Truth of Godly Way.

After the first True God left in a haste, another young man appeared in front of the line.

The young man was wearing a purple and golden robe with works of embroidery. Across his waist, there was a beast identification tag. Zen guessed the tag must be some sort of identification mark of a powerful clan.

He waved at the three white robed True Gods with pure disdain. "Is it my turn?" he asked in an indifferent tone

"Please step forward."

One of the three men waved his hand.

The young man proudly sauntered forward. The moment he stepped into the array, the long swords began to vibrate again.

Generally speaking, most of the confident people possessed real skills.

It was evident that the young man's performance was far better than the earlier True God. He took a step forward, closed his eyes and walked back and forth in the array, as if he was casually wandering.


He had hardly taken a couple of steps when one of the long swords floated upwards and slowly flew towards him.

At the same time, Zen instantly felt a unique aura emanate from that sword.

"What is it about the aura? It is definitely getting stronger."

Zen wondered as he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Ever since the time he entered the Non-combat Zone, he had been constantly oppressed by an irresistible aura.

According to Hallet, this aura should be the Truth of Godly Way from the skeleton on the Sunrest Tree.

If the Sword Clan wanted to conduct a test, they would choose to use the Truth of Godly Way. But till now, Zen hadn't seen any clues.

As soon as the sword floated up, Zen felt that the original Truth of Godly Way that emitted from the array of swords had become stronger. Now he was dead sure about it.

"So the test is about the understanding of the Truth of Godly Way!" Zen was astonished with this revelation.

As far as he knew, the Truth of Godly Way couldn't be reached by any ordinary True Gods. Only a few disciples of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands had the eligibility to reach the Truth of Godly Way.

Hayden was slightly stunned hearing Zen's words. He excitedly looked at Zen as he as

Rufus and Rudolf were from the direct line of the Wang Clan, so they naturally inherited vast fortunes.

They did not want to wait in line to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways. They had spent a large sum of divine might coins, so they claimed the first two seats in the queue.

Now that Rufus had passed the test, they began celebrating by distributing the divine might coins.

Seeing this, Zen just smiled and then asked, "At what level are the True Gods if they can drive four Truth Spiritual Swords?"

"What level? They just barely scrape through the test," Hayden said in a disdainful tone. "There are totally 23 Truth Spiritual Swords in this array. I could drive six of them when I was thirteen, and I've already driven nine this year. Come with me."

As he spoke, Hayden led Zen towards the array.

After Rudolf distributed the divine might coins, it was his turn to take the test.

"Rudolf, if you pass the test, you should also celebrate by distributing divine might coins!"

"Rudolf, you will surely pass the test!"

The True Gods all began to shower their flattery on Rudolf, with the hope that they would get more divine might coins.

Rudolf grinned back at them saying, "Sure, no problem!"

However, as he walked towards the array, Hayden walked past him and stood in front of him. He said indifferently, "A distinguished guest wants to take the test first. Wait till he finishes!"

"A distinguished guest? What do you mean by that?"

Stunned, Rudolf glanced at Zen who was standing behind Hayden. Then he knew who the distinguished guest was.

Both of the brothers stood there, sulking at the sudden turn of the event. Staring at Hayden, Rudolf said, "We spent a lot of divine might coins in getting the first two seats. Even if you are a member of the Sword Clan, you just cannot allow someone to randomly jump the queue!"

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