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Before coming to the Sunrest Tree Region, Hallet had already informed Zen about the detailed procedures of the debate over Godly Ways.

The number of True Gods who wanted to participate was huge.

Not a lot of people had the opportunity to come to the Sunrest Tree Region because it was relatively far.

However, there were still a few strong-minded True Gods who were willing to travel thousands of miles and spend all their money just to participate in the debate.

This was despite the fact that they might not even qualify.

Nearly ninety percent of True Gods would stop in a divine city and did not have the qualifications of climbing the Sunrest Tree.

Try as they might, their climb would be marred with countless tests from the Sword Clan.

In the end, only a few hundred would be deemed worthy and have the privilege of participating in the debate. Those who managed to get all the way to the end were mostly from powerful clans.

Only a few ordinary True Gods could really talk about the Godly Ways in the center of the Sunrest Tree.

Incredibly large and mighty, the Sunrest Tree grew countless branches that took root in the sea, eighty-seven of which extended all the way to the shore.

Beside each of these eighty-seven roots were eighty-seven divine cities that the Sword Clan built. One of them was the Famous Sword Divine City.

These divine cities would serve as the bases for the temporary selection of candidates during the debates. It was there that they deliberated over those with the most potential to be sent to the Sunrest Tree.

This was also one of the main tasks of every city lord.

Hayden had just taken office as acting lord of the Famous Sword Divine City and was eager to consolidate his position through achievements.

He hoped to find around one or two qualified True Gods to participate in the debate.

However, this was easier said than done.

The number of truly knowledgeable ordinary True Gods was very few. Among those recommended by the eighty-seven divine cities, only around fifty to sixty managed to participate. The rate was actually less than one in each divine city!

The Famous Sword Divine City was relatively remote and Hayden decided to personally participate in the selection this time.

What he didn't expect was Zen's unusual behaviour back when he observed with Marley at the city gate.

The young man actually had the original of a golden Sanskrit word and was even able to actua


"There's nothing we can do. Some guys aren't even here for the debate at all. They seize seats and sell to the True Gods who may need it. Those in the front can easily get hundreds of divine might coins upon selling their seats to disciples of powerful clans," Hayden said helplessly.

Many True Gods worked hard but did not earn as many divine might coins as they would've liked.

Time, however, wasn't that valuable to them. Since they could still cultivate while queuing up here, then they simply did so.

Noticing the look on Zen's face, Hayden quickly gave him a reassuring smile. "Relax. I personally recommend you, so there is no need to line up behind all these people."

With that, he quickly took Zen past the queue.

Three True Gods, dressed in white robes, sat upright in front of the west gate. Engraved on the ground was a very strange circular array.

This array was around 100 feet in diameter and its lines were made of long swords, piled up together but leaving a path in the middle.

Some strange power emanated from this array.

One of the three white-robed True Gods waved his hand at the first True God in the queue, motioning him to enter.

The True God momentarily paused before taking a deep breath and then stepping into the array.

As he stepped into the array, all the swords began to vibrate and his body began to tremble.

However, after taking the first step, he seemed to be unable to take another one.

Realizing this, the True God opened his eyes and had a look of fear on his face. He quickly retreated from the array and collapsed on the ground, looking very awkward.

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