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   Chapter 2411 Purchasing

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Silence hung in the air like a thick curtain, and none of the vendors dared to speak.

Although it was impossible to fight in the Non-combat Zone, the Sword Clan that dominated the place was still highly influential.

On the young man's chest was a black and white striped pattern, one of the unique symbols of the Sword Clan. It was known that the members of their clan enjoyed absolute privilege in all the divine cities in the Sunrest Tree Region.

When the young man saw that the middle-aged man didn't say anything anymore, he picked up the divine might coins on the ground. He turned around and his previously cold face was now alight with warmth.

"You want to give the words to me for free?" Zen asked dumbfounded. He couldn't deny that he was quite stunned.

Now, he had considered the thought that the Sanskrit words might be fake.

Then again, with his wealth he didn't care too much about it.

Even though the seven unique Sanskrit words might be fake, they were still of great value. The old man even generously offered them as gifts to Zen, which greatly puzzled him.

"Yes, we can give them to you for free because there are many copies of the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River all throughout the divine land. They are not secrets, so they're actually worthless," said the young man with a smile.

Upon hearing those words, Zen understood. Yet, he saw only the pitiful and pathetic look of the old man whose eyes were full of regret, when he casually stole a glance at him. He smiled and grabbed a handful of divine might coins and said, "As you said, these Sanskrit words are priceless in the eyes of certain people. Surely, they can be sold at five thousand divine might coins. But these two men have made it clear today. Can you sell them to me at one hundred divine might coins?"

The middle-aged man looked hopeless. He was going to be rich so quickly, but now all his hopes were washed away.

When Zen willingly offered one hundred divine might coins, however, he was quite surprised. A hundred divine might coins was a lot of money, even to many True Gods. Furthermore, the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River weren't even worth that much.

"What?" the young man and the old man exclaimed in shock.

They had already said that they would give the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River to Zen for free.

Yet here he was, still willing to spend a hundred divine might coins. Did he really have that much money to burn?

It was true that the price Zen offered was a little unbelievable, but it wasn't enough to make them feel sorry for him. Besides, he had insisted himself, so they wouldn't stop him.

"Yes, sure!" the middle-aged m

id that he would give Zen the copies of the Sanskrit words, which were of far better quality than what the vendors sold.

Soon enough, Zen was invited to the highest sword shaped building in the Famous Sword Divine City.

The hall had horizontal and vertical features, while the sword-shaped ornaments were filled with killing intent. Generally speaking, sword culture had great importance in the Sunrest Tree Region.

"These are the Sanskrit words you chose just now," Hayden said as a waiter placed a pile of Sanskrit words on the desk in front of Zen.

The Sanskrit words in the pile were also copies, like Hayden had said, but they were far superior in condition compared to those sold on the street. Every Sanskrit word was plated with a golden frame, and a pure glaze covered its surface. It looked like it was a piece of art.

At that point, Zen took the Sanskrit words without hesitation.

Then he heard Hayden ask, "Why did you come to the Sunrest Tree Region at this time? Did you come for the debate over the Godly Ways?"

"Of course," was Zen's response.

In reality, Zen didn't really come for the debate.

He came because according to Hallet's presumption, Harold would bring Yan to this place.

The only thing was, the Sunrest Tree Region was a large region in the divine land, and there were several cities like the Famous Sword Divine City in it. Thus, he didn't know exactly where to look for Harold and Yan.

"That's great," Hayden said with a smile. "This debate is also very, very important to our Sword Clan."

He emphasized "very" twice in a row, which made Zen feel strange.

Hayden noticed that Zen looked confused as he spoke. Therefore, he asked, "Is it your first time to take part in the debate? Do you know how this debate goes?"

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