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   Chapter 2410 Getting Ripped Off

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In the divine land, any group of Sanskrit words was considered to be of extraordinary value.

The water of the Lorena River flowed endlessly, having existed in the divine land for years beyond count.

In the 17th divine era, after tens of thousands of years had passed, heavy rain suddenly fell upon the Bright Mortal Region where the Lorena River was.

Because of this heavy rain, a section of the Lorena River collapsed.

An enormous black rock then appeared in the section, seven golden Sanskrit words engraved on its surface.

And such was the origin of the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River.

The news got around fast, attracting the attention of many forces in the divine land. Even the powerful clans on the Floating Islands showed strong interest.

The first force to receive the news was the Bai Clan. They ranked 18th that year and didn't hesitate to make a move.

Its territory included the Bright Mortal Region.

Although the Bai Clan ordered a complete news blackout at an impressive speed, copies of the seven Sanskrit words still managed to slip through.

Many powerful clans had spent a large sum of money purchasing all these copies. In spite of the efforts of the Bai Clan to block the copies from getting leaked, it was already impossible for them to completely eradicate them at that point.

One copy was enough to replicate a thousand times over, after all.

The Bai Clan was utterly furious about it, but it was impossible to trace it all back to who made the first copy.

When the powerful warriors of the divine land got their hands on the copies, they wasted no time and started deciphering the seven Sanskrit words right away. But when they began studying, the True Gods, the consummate True Gods, and the Holy Beings in the divine land discovered the great difficulty in deciphering the Sanskrit words.

Although some rare Sanskrit words were unusually strange, there was always someone out there who could interpret some of them here and there. After being passed on from generation to generation, the True Gods' understanding of the Sanskrit words was slowly growing.

But the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River were simply too complicated in comparison to ordinary Sanskrit words. Warriors could barely find any window of opportunity to fully interpret them.

And this problem troubled the people in the divine land all the way until the present time.

Most of the True Gods interested in Sanskrit words had, at one point, tried solving the problem. It was already a shame that no one had managed to interpret the words up until now. Great fortune would come to anyone who could do it.

A wise man would, at a glance, know that the group of seven golden Sanskrit words

en was really to leave, he was ready to offer a lower price. The man almost grinned from ear to ear. He would've been happy to sell the words at the price of a hundred divine might coins, let alone five thousand.

But of course, he had no clue he was to encounter a truly rich man today.

Pursing his lips, Zen sighed and finally gave in. "Okay. Five thousand."

The middle-aged man's eyes shot wide open when he saw the mass of black divine might coins pouring from Zen's hand. His heart started racing wildly as he was worried about how unrealistic the situation seemed.

Even the rest of the crowd had their mouths hanging open as they stared blankly at Zen. The divine might coins were flowing out in waves.

"Huh?" The old man clad in white couldn't stay calm any longer.

He exchanged a glance with the young man, and just as the stall owner was about to reach for the pile of coins, the two of them rushed over like a gust of wind.

"Wait!" The old man in white stopped Zen.

And the young man glared at the middle-aged man maliciously.

The sudden appearance of the two had Zen puzzled.

"What's wrong?" Zen asked in confusion.

"The seven Sanskrit words aren't worth such a price. If you really need them, I can give them to you for free!" The old man smiled as he gave the offer.

Hearing this, the seller grew anxious, worried he would lose his chance to get the five thousand divine might coins. "Don't you know the rules? How could you stop him? We made a deal!"

To that, the young man only sneered. "Rules? My clan set the very rules of the Famous Sword Divine City. If you want to stay here, don't you dare mention the rules to me!"

His declaration had the middle-aged man stumped. He looked the young man up and down and suddenly realized something, so he kept his mouth shut.

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