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   Chapter 2409 Seven Sanskrit Words Of Lorena River

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The guards stared starry-eyed at the original Sanskrit word in Zen's hand for eight impossibly long seconds.

Coming to his senses, one guard looked at Zen with the utmost respect. He pointed at the paper in Zen's hand. "Can I make a copy, sir?"

The paper didn't record sensitive information so Zen nodded.

The guard, not expecting Zen to be so kind, was overjoyed. He quickly took out a pale yellow stone tablet from his space ring and thanked Zen profusely.

On the back of the stone tablet was a simple divine texture.

If a person aimed the blank side of this stone tablet at another person, after activating the divine texture, they would be able to copy the other person's appearance.

And not only that. If one aimed the stone tablet at a mountain, they would be able to make a copy of the mountain's appearance.

The stone tablet was convenient like that, and many True Gods kept a few stone tablets in their space rings in case they needed to copy some good golden Sanskrit words.

The guard aimed the stone tablet at the emerald green paper. A wave of energy came from his hand and the divine texture on the stone tablet began to glow. At the same time, a Sanskrit word identical to the one on the paper appeared on the blank side of the stone tablet.

"Eh, what's this? It's very interesting." Curiosity appeared on Zen's face when he saw the stone tablet. He had never seen such a thing before.

"This is a duplicating stone tablet," the guard laughed good naturedly. "It's just an ordinary item in our Sunrest Tree Region. I can give you some if you want."

The guard then reached out his hand, and a stack of pale yellow stone tablets appeared in his palm.

This kind of stone came from the sea below the Sunrest Tree. The True Gods took the stones in the bottom of the sea, cut them into thin pieces, and drew divine textures on them, enabling them to achieve such a strange ability.

However, the duplicating stone tablets could only be kept for a period of time. About two years after a duplicating stone tablet was drawn from the sea of the Sunrest Tree Region, it would be completely useless.

This was why the duplicating stone tablets were not spread everywhere in the divine land, and Zen had never seen them before.

Zen smiled and took the pile of duplicating stone tablets from the guard. He studied the tablets briefly and thanked the guard, about to enter the city.

However, before he could take one step, he saw the other guards and dozens of True Gods looking at him eagerly.

They all had pitiful looks in their eyes.

A row of exquisite brocade boxes were placed in front of Zen. The surface of the boxes revealed seven vague golden Sanskrit words.

'These golden Sanskrit words...'

When Zen noticed a Sanskrit word in front of him, his heart skipped a beat.

Zen had seen this word once.

To be exact, he had seen half of this golden Sanskrit word in the fairy palace.

His son had told him that that golden Sanskrit word should be a kind of Truth of Godly Way.

However, because there was only half of the golden Sanskrit word, the Truth of Godly Way Geoffrey had cracked was incomplete.

But now, Zen had actually found the other half of golden Sanskrit word!

More importantly, the mind method of Truth of Godly Way that Zen had cultivated was from a group of six golden Sanskrit words, and the seven golden Sanskrit words in front of the middle-aged man looked like they were a group too.

'Is this also a complete set of Truth of Godly Way?' Zen's heart thumped wildly in his chest. His fingers drummed against his thigh, barely able to contain the excitement.

Not far away, the young man and the old man in white saw the irrepressible excitement on Zen's face, and a strange expression appeared on their faces.

"I don't understand this guy..."

"He knows so much about Sanskrit words, but why doesn't he know anything about the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River?"

The Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River were the group of seven Sanskrit words on the stall.

The first time the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River had appeared was in the 17th divine era, on the side of the famous Lorena River, on the west side of the divine land. And with its appearance came great chaos in the divine land.

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