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   Chapter 2408 An Original

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Zen didn't bother to talk to him.

However, the low-rank True God remained persistent. He even ran in front of Zen just to stand in his way. He wouldn't let Zen go as long as he didn't purchase anything.

It was forbidden to fight in the Non-combat Zone, so people here didn't worry that others might make a move when they were angered.

To take advantage of the said rule, this low-rank True God pestered passers-by at the gate of the divine city and made good profit out of it. Although many True Gods who came by to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways prepared their own Sanskrit words themselves, there were always some True Gods who would be tricked by him.

"Don't miss this opportunity! Once you master and comprehend this Sanskrit word, you will be able to make a splash in this debate over the Godly Ways!" The low-rank True God walked alongside him, observing Zen's unreadable expression. He then took out another pile of paper and said, "If you are not interested in those Sanskrit words, how about these? These are purple-gold Sanskrit words, so rare and so useful. The price would be a divine might coin for one word. Actually, it's already a losing business at such a price... "

When Zen heard purple-gold Sanskrit words, he felt a little bit uneasy. He shifted his gaze at the paper, not knowing if he should laugh or cry.

It turned out that the so-called purple-gold Sanskrit words were pieces made by coating a layer of purple-gold powder on the common Sanskrit words.

The True Gods entering the city burst out laughing when they saw the purple-golden Sanskrit words.

However, this didn't faze the pestering low-rank True God at all. He was determined!

Zen had no choice but to stop in his tracks. He looked at the True God indifferently, and then took a golden Sanskrit word in his hand, saying, "This Sanskrit word is very simple to decode. The meaning it conveys can be summarized into roughly forty six words. Generally, it describes a plant in the chaos. The fruit of the plant is very sweet, and it can quench people's thirst after taking it."

After he finished speaking, he stuffed the golden Sanskrit word back into the hands of the low-rank True God, and then he snatched a purple gold Sanskrit word from the low-rank True God. "This Sanskrit word is so laughable. I think it might just be a poem of a certain race... These two Sanskrit words are meaningless. Now can you please leave me be?"

Hearing Zen's words, the low-rank True God was shocked and very much hurt. The other True Gods were also skeptical about what he had just explained so carefully.

Even simple Sanskrit words would not be that easy to decode.

There were probably thousands of interpretations of this one Sanskrit word in the divine land. But because the deconstruction of a certain Sanskrit word was completely different than the rest, and there wasn't really a lasting consensus on it

he originals. Some of the Sanskrit words were engraved on the stone tablets, some were engraved on the walls, and some occasionally appeared in the air, too.

There also existed Sanskrit words that appeared on some special places. For example, the "Grand Weapon Refining Method" Zen had been practicing was engraved directly on his body...

Zen made it a point to properly prepare since he had come to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways. This Sanskrit word was not particularly important, unlike what everyone was thinking. He had not expected that a Sanskrit word he had casually taken out would attract such astonishing gazes of the crowd. But for some reason, the place became silent and everyone's eyes were tightly fixed on the emerald green paper in his hand.

When the low-rank True God who had previously peddled Sanskrit words to Zen saw the original in Zen's hand, his jaw dropped.

On the city wall, the two True Gods, namely the old man and the young man, were dumbfounded as well. How could this be?

"This guy... Where did he come from? How could he have an original?" questioned the young man, still in deep thought.

The old man in white had a complex expression on his face. Back then, he had tried every means to gain approval of Master Loren to have a look at an original Sanskrit word, but Master Loren had been very careful about doing so. He only allowed him to take a glance for a few seconds, then never again.

Whoever had an original Sanskrit word would probably keep it in secret and tuck it away somewhere safe.

A copy might be the work that had been modified on the basis of the original, while the original was the most accurate. This was another factor why the originals were deemed very precious.

Seeing Zen take it out as if it were nothing important, the young man was very curious. At the same time, he wondered if Zen could possibly have a lot more than that one piece in his hand.

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