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   Chapter 2407 Sunrest Tree Region

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It was not until Zen and Joy had departed that the respectful expression that Darrel and other True Gods had on their faces faded away.

The several True Gods glanced at the bodies of the two top-rank True Gods, threw each other a concerned look, and then rushed over to their corpses.

They had handed over all their wealth to these top-rank True Gods, and now they would certainly take their things back. Furthermore, they decided to make a profit out of these two top-rank True Gods.

The two top-rank True Gods had accumulated a great deal of wealth. If the True Gods were to rob them, they'd all become rich.

Soon the belongings and the space rings on the two top-rank True Gods in black and white had all been emptied. Then all the things they had gathered were distributed by Darrel, the mid-rank True God and the leader of the group.

"Where did the two low-rank True Gods come from? They didn't even care about the wealth these two top-rank True Gods had?" One of the low-rank True Gods said with a puzzled look.

"Well, since they are able to kill these two top-rank True Gods with ease, then why should they care about such immaterial things? Didn't you see that the young man didn't even bother to make a move initially? He causally took out several hundred divine might coins to pass by. Didn't you see that?" Darrel sighed, "These two top-rank True Gods were quite ignorant to notice what was going on. I think the two low-rank True Gods were most likely from the Floating Islands."

"Do you mean they were from those rich clans on the Floating Islands?" another low-rank True God asked with widened eyes.

"But even a low-rank True God of some rich clan on the Floating Island wouldn't be able to kill these two top-rank True Gods so easily, right?" Another elder True God shook his head.

To the vast majority of the True Gods in the divine land, the rich clans on the Floating Islands above the Time Sea were all legendary existences. The True Gods hailing from those rich clans were all elites.

It was not strange for a low-rank True God to challenge a mid-rank True God. However, for a low-rank True God to kill a top-rank True God effortlessly, it was simply mind-boggling.

On the border of the Non-combat Zone...

"The Non-combat Zone will suppress warriors with the Truth of Godly Way of that skeleton. The higher one's cultivation is, the greater the suppression one would suffer. If I enter the Sword Clan, I will be discovered." Joy, who was hiding under her cloak, whispered, "I can only leave you here."

The difficulty in suppressing a Holy Being and a True God was quite dissimilar.

Zen smiled faintly and said, "You can also participate in the debate over the Godly Ways."

She shook her head slightly. "I have to help Bromley's tw

age in the eyes of the True Gods who cultivated swordsmanship. Their devotion was not towards the Sunrest Tree, but rather towards the Sword Clan.

When Zen arrived at the divine city, he witnessed a row of guards dressed in black and white standing at the city gate.

They stood in a line, with a serious expression on their faces. An aura of awe-inspiring righteousness was emerging from them.

If someone evil encountered them, they would feel extremely uncomfortable under the influence of such righteous aura.

For most of the cities in the divine land, anyone who wanted to enter these cities needed to pay some divine might coins. However, this divine city did not have such a tradition. All the True Gods that came to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways only needed to present a piece of Sanskrit word to enter the city for free. If it was only a copy, it could work as well.

It wasn't difficult to acquire a copy of a Sanskrit word.

"Hey, young man, do you have some Sanskrit words with you? You can't enter without Sanskrit words!" On the side of the road to the city gate, a mustached low-rank True God waved at Zen. He took out a pile of white paper. The Sanskrit words on the paper were the copied version of the original text. They were even decorated with a layer of gold powder, glowing with a golden light. "One divine might coin for one piece,"

Zen glanced at them and then shook his head.

The structure of those Sanskrit words was quite simple, and the information contained in them was insufficient. Thus, they weren't of much use.

"How about two? One divine might coin and I'll give you two pieces." Seeing Zen's lack of interest, the low-rank True God tried harder to make a sale. "These Sanskrit words are out-of-print versions. As long as you comprehend them, you will benefit a great deal from them!"

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