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   Chapter 2406 Kill Two Top-rank True Gods

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Andreas didn't understand what Joy was saying at all.

When he felt a gush of wind on his face, he sensed that something was wrong, but he couldn't figure out what it was. After all, the wind howled all the time in this ice and snow.

But when he saw Zen again, he realized that the distance between him and Zen had reduced to less than a foot.

Feeling Zen's strong and dangerous presence at such a close distance overwhelmed Andreas. Instead of counterattacking, he chose to shoot up into the sky.

At any time, life came above everything. This was what most of the True Gods who roamed the divine land would have chosen to do if they had been in such a situation.

However, Zen had come too close to Andreas to let him escape so easily.

In a split second, Zen's hand reached out as fast as lightning and grabbed one of Andreas's legs before he could completely rise into the sky.

A gut-wrenching pain shot up Andreas' leg, making him feel so dizzy that he lost his balance.


Even though he'd been about to fall anyway, he was suddenly smashed down by a strong force. The thick snow cushioned his fall but the strong impact nevertheless made his blood surge.

"This guy... Is he really just a low-rank True God?"

Lying on the ground, Andreas gulped. Fear was written all over his face.

Not far away, the trembling True Gods all turned their heads when they heard the sound. When they saw the low-rank True God smashing Andreas to the ground, they all widened their eyes in shock.

Darrel and the others had thought that the two low-rank True Gods would be no match for the two top-rank True Gods, just like themselves. However, not only had that young man fought back, he had also knocked down a top-rank True God in just one move, leaving him no strength to fight back.

"Damn it..."

Looking at his fellow apprentice, who had been pathetically knocked down, Jordi's expression changed again.

He didn't know where the young man had come from, so he looked at Joy insidiously. Having made up his mind, he left the group of True Gods behind and suddenly turned into a light, rushing toward Joy.

As he shot toward her, a steel claw appeared in his hand.

He believed that the safest approach was to subdue the woman first.

With his fast speed, it only took him a blink of an eye to cross such a short distance.

But the moment he left the group of

ng Bite on his leg. If Zen had used it on his head, he couldn't have solved the problem by chopping his head off.

Dragging his severed leg along with him, Andreas continued speeding into the distance.

"Should I go after him?" Zen asked.

"Don't waste any more time," Joy said while shaking her head. As she narrowed her eyes, wisps of purple light condensed into a monster covered with spikes.

After the monster took shape, it waved its sharp front paws, dug in the snow for a while, and quickly dived into it.

The only indicator that it was traveling was the rapidly moving bulge underneath the blanket of snow. The monster was racing in the direction which Andreas had escaped in.

"Let's go." After releasing the monster, Joy walked forward, leaving footprints behind in the snow.

Zen followed her without so much as a glance back.

Darrel and the other True Gods stood rooted to the spot, stunned by what they had seen.

Two top-rank True Gods who had won hundreds of battles hadn't been able to fight back at all against these two strangers. What was even more bewildering was that the aura of the monster that the beauty in the cloak had casually created using the Purple Aura Godly Way was much more terrifying than the aura of any top-rank True God.

However, that woman was only a low-rank True God herself!

The scene in front of them was completely beyond their ability to comprehend.

Although they were in a daze, when Zen and Joy walked past them, the group of True Gods, led by Darrel, bowed to them and watched them leave while holding their breaths.

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