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   Chapter 2405 In The Wind

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The wealthy clans on the Floating Islands would also participate in the debate over the Godly Ways.

But Joy had once mentioned that those from wealthy clans on the Floating Islands didn't have to travel a long way like the ordinary True Gods to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways. They just needed to go to the Floating Island of the Sword Clan and pay a certain number of divine might coins before they could use the transmission channels of the Sword Clan.

The boundary of the Non-combat Zone was vast and wide. The place that Joy had brought Zen to was remote. The possibility of encountering warriors of wealthy clans on the Floating Islands was close to none. Moreover, they would be safe once they entered this Non-Combat Zone.

The two top-rank True Gods, one dressed in black and one in white, were familiar with this area. They were fellow disciples. The one in black was called Andreas Lai, and the one in white was called Jordi Fan.

Since this place was in the middle of nowhere, the members of the Sword Clan rarely patrolled it for inspection. On the contrary, many True Gods often entered Non-combat Zone through this path.

The two top-rank True Gods had predicted this would happen. So every time the debate over the Godly Ways started, they would rob the True Gods of divine might coins or golden Sanskrit words.

Divine might coins were hard currency in the divine land and were preferred by the two top-rank True Gods even though golden Sanskrit words could also be sold during the debate over the Godly Ways. If they were lucky enough to obtain rare golden Sanskrit words, they could then sell them at a high price.

Over the years, they had gained a lot through these robberies.

"I've come all this way to participate in the debate over the Godly Ways with these Sanskrit words. You can keep the divine might coins, but could you spare these Sanskrit words?"

One of the low-rank True Gods took out what looked like ten divine might coins. This was all the money he had.

"Ha-ha!" Andreas Lai grinned coldly as he grabbed the Sanskrit words. "These are only copies of Sanskrit words and they are cheap. I won't take them even if you give them to me for free!" With these words, a bright fire flickered in Andreas Lai's hand and burned the papers down before anyone could react.


the low-rank True God screamed in pain as he saw this, his face contorted in grief.

He was aware that the copies of these Sanskrit words were cheap, but he had his own understanding of them.

"You are a group of idiots! You're foolish to expect that luck would be on your side. Let me tell you, you just want to be a tiny part of the debate over the Godly Ways, and that is a waste of time!" Andreas Lai said disdainfully as he looked up and off into the distance.


exist at all.

Andreas Lai now felt a faint sense of impending danger, but he did not pay much attention to it. After all, he believed he could deal with two low-rank True Gods easily.

"I offered you the chance," Zen said as a warning.

His voice had barely faded away when

he suddenly emitted a faint aura.

He then disappeared before Andreas Lai.

Although his opponent was a top-rank True God, Zen had no intention of showing him the slightest bit of mercy.

Before he had comprehended the Truth of Godly Way, he might not have been able to defeat a powerful top-rank True God like Soren. But he was now confident that facing any top-rank True God outside the Floating Islands would not lead to his defeat.

Thanks to his cultivation of the past two years, Zen's comprehension of the Truth of Godly Way had risen to a new level. What was more, his Godly Tile had become more and more stable, and his strength had steadily improved as well. Zen was no longer who he was before when facing those top-rank True Gods.


Andreas Lai was stunned. He couldn't think of the kind of concealment skill Zen had used that had enabled him to disappear in such a manner from before his eyes! Even if his perception was not slow, it was difficult to find any clues.

Joy suddenly raised her head. As a breeze swept by, she said with a gentle smile, "No, he hasn't disappeared."

"Hasn't disappeared?" he repeated, panicking. "Then where is he?" Andreas Lai could barely maintain his calm now that he had realized that Zen was only a low-rank True God. The gap in their cultivation levels was so huge that Zen should technically not be a threat to him.

Joy looked up, where there was nothing visible, and a hint of admiration appeared in her eyes.

"In the wind," she said lightly.

A cold wind swept towards Andreas Lai, howling as it came.

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