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   Chapter 2404 Embarking On A Journey

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This time the winter was so cold and intense that the snow engulfed almost half the divine land, with the Time Sea located in the center.

It was the biggest snow of this divine era.

The entire Swirl Forest was covered with thick, soft snow. The huge trees, towering at a thousand feet high, also looked majestic as they were cloaked in white.

All the women, including Letitia, Lavender and Aura, stood at the entrance gate of the fairy palace. They had assembled to say their farewells to Zen.


There were too many things that Letitia wanted to say, but all of a sudden she became speechless. She just kept looking at Zen.

She was well aware that Zen had many priorities and obligations to fulfill. Hence, she was treasuring every second she spent with him. Despite her dread over their separation day, she knew she must be strong in order to motivate Zen to fulfill what he was destined for.

"This time, I won't be gone for long." Zen smiled ruefully.

Letitia nodded sadly while saying, "This time, Aura and I will enter the training tower together."

Previously, with their existing talents and skills, they had very limited chances of becoming proving godly warriors.

Once in the tower, it was difficult to gauge the time that passed by. It was way too arduous to pass the seemingly long years within the tower, before they reunited with Zen.

Now with Joy's help, if they practiced rigorously at the training tower, they would still have a good chance of becoming proving godly warriors.

Their next step was to exchange their blood and avoid the punishment of the Ruling Slate.

"It's time to go," said Joy who stood at a distance.

"Yes. We should leave now."

Zen nodded with a trace of sadness in his eyes. Abruptly he turned around and left.

He was fully prepared for the debate over the Godly Ways.

From time to time, he would take out Geoffrey from the gourd when he required his help to decipher those golden Sanskrit words.

Although Geoffrey kind of flinched when his father asked for his help, he patiently deciphered many contents.

Once, when Geoffrey was in a candid mood, he actually told Zen that he had fallen in love with someone, who was said to be a princess of a divine kingdom within the gourd.

The world inside the gourd was considered as the secondary world, along with the secondary creatures that lived in it.

Under the protection of the enchanted barrier at the fairy palace, Geoffrey could even bring the creatures from the gourd into the fairy palace.

Zen didn't really care about what Geoffrey did within the gourd.

Geoffrey was a responsible grown-up, so he had the right to take control of his own business.

However, Letitia objected strongly to Geoffrey's doings, and once she had even sealed off the gourd to stop Geoffrey from re-entering it.

But under her boy's insistence, she had no choice but to give the gourd back to him.

These days, Geoffrey had been in the gourd to enjo

will have to pay for the entry," the man in black said bluntly. "Hand over all the divine might coins and all the golden Sanskrit words, that are in your possession. Only then will the path to the Non-combat Zone be opened for you."

Darrel Xiao and those low-rank True Gods had been feeling bad for a long time. Everyone could enter the Non-combat Zone. The sudden appearance of these two top-rank True Gods was already strange. Their feelings were right.

"As the top-rank True Gods, you two are the best in the divine land. To rob us, it's very demeaning at your end," Darrel Xiao said bitterly, with a heavy heart.

All they wanted to do was to take part in the debate over the Godly Ways and gain some insights. They had spent time and money just to arrive here. It was a very unfortunate situation that they should encounter such heartless souls.

"Don't waste time engaging in a conversation with them. Just finish them!" said the man in white impatiently.

The man in black shrugged his shoulders and said to Darrel Xiao, "Did you hear that? My younger brother doesn't have much patience. If you speak one more word, we won't be left with much option."

Everyone was dismayed hearing these words. Looking at their destination not far away, they sighed helplessly in their hearts. The Non-combat Zone was only a few dozen miles away. Even the Holy Beings couldn't do anything to them once they entered. It was really an undeserved catastrophe for them to be blocked by these two men.

Realizing that they couldn't escape this, these True Gods sighed and took out their divine might coins, to hand over.

Suddenly, not far away two more figures appeared in the snowfield.

Each of them wore a cloak.

They were Zen and Joy.

The spatial transference was not allowed in the Non-combat Zone, so Joy planned to leave after Zen entered it.

Hence, before she reached the zone, she would try everything to hide her own cultivation base to avoid unnecessary attention.

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