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   Chapter 2403 The Other Shore Realm

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Geoffrey turned his head and gazed at Zen for a long time before he separated him from the surrounding scenery.

It felt surreal.

Zen was not hiding himself; he was just standing there without any disguise.

"Daddy, why did you become a pillar?"

Geoffrey asked curiously.

"He seems to have turned into a chair," Augustus laughed.

Hallet said calmly, "This is the work of Truth of Cultivation Nature. It's a wonderful state. It's quite hard to describe such a state. No wonder that skeleton can turn the Sunrest Tree region into a non-fight place. The Truth of Godly Way can reach the origin of life."

Zen's eyes flashed as all his thoughts vanished, and the Truth of Godly Way that was emitting from his body completely disappeared.

"Skeleton? What skeleton?" Zen asked curiously.

Hallet smiled, "Don't you know why the debate over the Godly Ways happens? Or you don't know the reason why Holy Mike wanted you to join the debate?"

Zen shook his head.

He had been used to this for so many years.

It seemed as if the people around him knew the truth, and only he was in a state of ignorance.

Every time he asked, they would always shake their heads mysteriously and keep him in the dark. This infuriated Zen.

Therefore, Zen stopped asking the people. He hoped that he'd find out the truth, sooner or later.

"Are you talking about the argument that arises due to the Godly Ways?" Zen said after pondering for a while.

Hallet nodded, "You're right!"

The divine land was an independent existence in the chaos. It was like an isolated island!

As more and more True Gods obtained a permanent lifespan, people started thinking about this world, such as exploration in the space, research in the field of Godly Ways, and so on.

However, it was extremely difficult to go further after they had reached the end of Godly Way.

Except for a few people who had gotten some pages of the Truth of Godly Way, others weren't able to advance any further.

Some Holy Beings, Demi-holy Beings, and the consummate True Gods were able to comprehend that there was indeed a vast world after the Godly Way, the Sea of Truth.

The True Gods pondered over the ways which could help them cross the Sea of Truth.

The purpose of the debate over the Godly Ways was to solve those problems that were passed down in the past countless divine eras.

Every time the debate was held, True Gods from all areas of the divine land would participate. Some people would bring all kinds of golden Sanskrit words with them.

During the debate, the True Gods would share their views and opinions about the world, express their speculations and their novel comprehension about the Godly Ways, argue with each other, and even criticize

Letitia that he was safe. Most of the time, he was wandering in the world of the gourd.

This gourd was an extremely valuable treasure for cultivation. In the next two years, his cultivation base had increased rapidly. It had only taken him four months to reach the Virtual Tribulation Realm from Internal Elixir Realm, and another six months to reach the Life and Death Realm. His cultivation base was catching up to Letitia's!

Joy had been out once during these two years to inquire about news on the Floating Islands. When she heard about the Purple Soul Hall being dissolved, she was distraught. After all, it was her fruit of painstaking efforts. She had gone all out to make things better, but in the end, all her efforts were in vain after she got injured.

However, Joy was very pleased with what Hallet had to say.

During these two years, Hallet and Augustus would occasionally stay inside the fairy palace to learn the Truth of Godly Way, but mostly, they went in and out of the fairy palace, busying with something else. Every time they entered the fairy palace, Hallet would have one more light golden fish line on his fish rod. He would tie the fish line to the pavilion in the fairy palace, and then would leave with Augustus.

The other end of the fish line was tied somewhere in the Swirl Forest. When Zen asked its exact location, Augustus would only give a goofy grin. Frustrated, Zen simply stopped asking.

To the True Gods, two years was as short as the blink of an eye.

Snow was swirling in the west of the divine land.

With the cold winter wind howling, the most magnificent debate over Godly Ways was about to commence in the Sunrest Tree. Most of the True Gods anticipated that this year's debate would prove as fruitless as the previous ones. But suddenly, things took an unexpected turn.

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